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Trying a Two-Week Ab Program for the First Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to be more active, and since my schedule was based mainly on West Campus (where the FitRec is) I took it upon myself to try out a new workout routine. I wanted something that would reinspire me to stay in shape and go to the gym more often. So when I discovered Chloe Ting (well-known fitness Instagramer and Youtube sensation) and heard about her free 2 week ab program, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. 

Kristine Mahan / Spoon

I did my research and watched a myriad of review videos from people who had tried out the program and to be honest, I was shocked that so many people saw such drastic results within the span of 14 days. A lot of the girls had more ab definition and had even lost a couple of pounds and a couple of inches off their waistlines. After seeing those results, I decided it was worth putting the program to the test.

I took measurements to track my weight loss, then set off to take on the daunting ab program. To keep me motivated, a friend of mine who also wanted to work out more started the challenge with me. Let me tell you, the first day was rough. We both made the mistake of running before the workout videos and then suddenly we were doing burpees and crunches so it was a lot. I learned my lesson and only stuck to doing the videos but the HIIT-style of each video had me sweating more than my normal cardio routine did. 

It was difficult to find time to go to the gym with night classes and extracurricular activities, but I made no excuses and brought a gym bag with me to class so I could work out right after. And when I couldn’t go to the gym, I was doing burpees and mountain climbers in my dorm even if my roommate was there. The difficulty of the videos varied and I became discouraged when it seemed like the exercises weren’t getting any easier even if I had done them a couple of times already. But whenever I felt discouraged, I always reached out to my friend and we offered each other support. It was nice to know we were in this together and we were both quite literally going through the same struggles.

Kristine Mahan / Spoon

Day 5 was a much-needed rest day, and when I continued the program the following day, I found that I actually had the energy to take fewer breaks and do the workouts longer. Maybe I was getting stronger after all! I pushed through until I finally hit Day 12 and could see the light at the end of the tunnel; I was so excited to finally finish the program. When Day 14 came around, I was so excited to re-measure myself and see my progress. Even before I looked at the numbers, I was happy with the results. I already felt a lot stronger knowing that I could get through videos without pausing and I was proud that I had actually committed to going to the gym so often, especially given my class schedule and extracurricular events. So when I looped the tape around my waist to discover I had lost an inch it was all the more rewarding. 

At the end of the two weeks, I came to have a deeper appreciation for my health and well-being. I feel grateful I have access to a gym that I can work out at, and a body that is strong enough to push through planks and bicycle crunches. I ate a lot healthier, felt a lot better, and had more energy. This program introduced me to a different workout routine than I was used to and it was more effective than anything I had done in the past. After posting multiple Snapchats of my progress, I even had friends asking me what my gym routine was and I was happy to share. Doing this ab program pushed me to my limits physically but it also allowed me to grow mentally. Even though it was tiring at times, I found comfort knowing that my friend could relate to me. We grew stronger together and now, I’m excited to go back to the gym and mix up my old routine. 

So if you and a friend are looking for something to change up with your typical workout routine, try this out. I promise it won’t disappoint, but good luck with those burpees!

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Jeanzelle Soliven (also known as Jean) is currently a Sophomore studying Film/TV at Boston University. Jean is a talkative person with a creative soul that loves to entertain and connect with others. In her free time, she enjoys journaling, baking, watching movies, and spending time with friends, family, and her dog. Jean also has a major sweet tooth so you'll be sure to find her making matcha lattes at the nearest dining hall or scouting out the nearest boba shop.