Practicing Self-Care in a Hustle Culture World

The rise of hustle culture has young people thinking they need to be busy and productive 24/7. While this can be motivating, it is also detrimental to your health. While you do have to maintain a certain level of productivity, it is vital to balance it out with self-care in order to prevent burnout. Here are some great ways to practice self-care!

  1. 1. Retail Therapy

    What’s better than spending all your money on clothes you probably don’t need? While it may make for a poor financial decision, treating yourself to some retail therapy definitely makes for a good self-care activity. There is just something about buying new clothes that is so refreshing and motivating. 

    Even if a day of shopping does not fit into your budget, you could always go window shopping. One of the main advantages of retail therapy is just seeing and trying on all the new clothes you want to add to your wardrobe. You can still experience the benefits of retail therapy without necessarily blowing your budget.

    With window shopping, you can try on your favorite items and give yourself some time to think about whether a piece is actually worth the purchase. If you loved it during your window shopping and are still thinking about it after a week, go ahead and take the plunge. If not, you saved yourself some money by withholding yourself from making an unnecessary purchase.

  2. 2. Going for a Walk

    Spending some time with yourself completely unplugged from all technology and being alone in your own thoughts is a luxury on its own. 

    With so many intrusive thoughts that go through your mind on a regular, day-to-day basis, it is great to take some time for yourself and let go of some bad energy. Whether it be through a guided meditation or just some time alone with yourself, it is good to release some of the thoughts that are clouding up your headspace. 

    Going for a walk alone is a good way to do this. The best walks are the ones that do not necessarily have a destination in mind. It is more about giving yourself some time to let go of unnecessary stressors and just focus completely on yourself.

  3. 3. Staying In

    Self-care does not need to incorporate elaborate activities; the simplest things can sometimes make for the best self-care day. The whole point of self-care is to take away the stressors from your day-to-day life. 

    That being said, there is no better way to do that than by just staying in and doing absolutely nothing. It could be just napping all day. It could be just catching up on YouTube or a new show. It could be just putting on a face mask. Whatever you decide to do, staying in is a great way to do self-care.

Regardless of whatever form of self-care you decide to do, it is a major win on your part for allowing yourself the time to take care of your mental health. Being busy all the time can sometimes do more damage than good. If your headspace isn’t right, how can you expect to perform well in the other aspects of your life?


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