My Favorite Studios for Workouts in Boston

Three years ago, I decided to completely change my lifestyle to a healthier one. Since then, I have been working out 4-5 days a week. I love switching between weight training, pilates, yoga, and kickboxing. When I moved to Boston six months ago, my priority was to find studios to keep up with my routine. I tried a bunch of different places through ClassPass, an application that lets you sign up for classes in every kind of studio without getting a membership. I believe that Boston has a lot to offer, and I would like to share my favorite places in the city with you guys! Here are the studios that have become a part of my Boston life:

1. Boston Body Pilates

When I was a teenager, I used to be a bit overweight. Working out was never a part of my life. When I was 12 years old, I had to take control over my body and pushed myself into a healthier lifestyle. Pilates came to my rescue. It completely changed my body, my figure, and increased my self-confidence. Since then, I have never stopped doing Pilates. When I moved to Boston from Istanbul 6 months ago, I knew that I had to find the best place for my passion. After having visited several studios, I ended up becoming a member of Boston Body. It is a Pilates and Barre studio located in 5 parts of Boston: Newbury, Belmont, Newton, Sudbury, and Commercial Wharf. I have been frequenting Newbury studio for 5 months now, and it has become a big part of my life in Boston. I am there almost four days a week. They offer both reformer and mat classes, barre and privates. The instructors are the sweetest and they help you with all your questions. You can sign up for classes on ClassPass before becoming a member to try the studio. Pilates is a great workout for both the body and soul.

2. Barry’s Bootcamp

For the last two years, I have been doing weight and functional training to gain more muscle. Even though I was used to working out on my own at the gym, I wanted to give Barry’s a try. They offer an interval training by combine weight training and cardio and give you an hour workout that will push you to go beyond your limits. During the half of the class, you are on a treadmill, and for the other half, you use weights to work out all parts of your body. Every day is focused on a specific part of the body: Mondays are for abs and arms, Tuesdays are legs, etc. For those of you who don’t prefer to run, they also offer weight-only training rather than the treadmill. It is a killer workout. You get in a red-tinted room and lose yourself to the music. If you ordered a smoothie from the bar in advance, it waits for you right after your class. Their smoothie bar also helps to put the fuel back into your body. They are located in Downtown Crossing, right across the street when you get off the T. I really encourage you to give it a try. You won’t regret it.

3. CorePower Yoga

This is not your regular yoga studio. You get a workout with both intensity and mindfulness. They combine yoga with high-intensity training and offer classes in different levels. Another unique aspect of the studio is that except for the CorePower Yoga 1 class which is the beginner level, the room is heated. The heat increases according to the level of the class. Within an hour, you both get a killer workout and a yoga experience. They have four locations across the city: Fenway, Commonwealth Ave, South End, and Seaport. I have been going to the Fenway studio, it is very spacious and close to the campus. I really recommend CorePower, especially for their unique approach to yoga. 

4. Soul Cycle

I have never been a fan of cardio. Spinning was never in my routine back in my hometown. However, I have always been curious about Soul Cycle. People always told me that the combination of spinning in a dark, neon-lighted room with great music creates an atmosphere that would make me like spinning. A couple of months ago, I gave in and went to the Back Bay studio. At first, I was scared. Despite my workout routine, this experience seemed like it would get my heart pumping like no other workout I’d done before. The instructors were very friendly and helped me to understand the basics of spinning. The instructor was also very energetic, and she always kept telling us that we could push ourselves above our limits with her motivational sayings. I felt like I could pour all my emotions and energy into those 60 minutes, it was my own time, and I pushed myself to my limits. The experience does not only define your body but also helps you to reflect your energy into a powerful, mind, soul and body engaging workout. I could see that everyone in the room felt good about themselves after the workout. I am not gonna lie, it was hard and painful but I wanted to do it all over again as soon as it was over. Afterwards, I headed to Juice Press located right next to the studio and enjoyed a post-workout smoothie. Even though I have not incorporated regular cardio into my workout routine, Soul Cycle has become my go-to place whenever I want to push myself. Believe me, there is no judging in that room; everyone is their own hero at that moment. 

5. B-Tone Fitness and SLT Boston

Even though they are two different studios, I wanted to group them as they both offer my new obsession: Mega Former. This is an updated version of the Pilates Reformer. The underlying idea is the same with Pilates, but this time you do each move slowly, in five counts. They both offer full body workout with the resistance of weighted springs. As each move is done very slowly, you feel the burn in every part of your body. The core is always engaged. Even though I believe that I am strong, Mega Former shakes my body like nothing else. Throughout the 50 minutes, you do many plank, lunge, and squat variations, engaging your core at all times. SLT started its journey in New York City and recently opened their first Boston studio on Newbury Street, just a minute walk when you get off at T at Hynes Convention Center. Their motto is “strengthen-lengthen-tone”. BTone believes in “fast results, slow movements”. They have several locations across the city but my favorites are the one on Newbury and North End. The Back Bay studio is a -minute walk from the Arlington Station. I have been switching between SLT and BTone depending on their schedules and my free time. I love both of them and have become addicted to the Mega Former. It has become the best addition to my Pilates routine. I can guarantee you that those 50 minutes will make you feel sore for days. If your schedule is tight but you would like to get a killer workout in, Mega Former could be the answer!

I hope that I gave you the inspiration to get a killer workout around the city. These studios have not only helped me to boost my workout routine but they have also enhanced my life as a fresh Bostonian! Go give them a try!




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