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How to Get a Beach Bod Before Summer

Ladies, summer is fastly approaching.

Yup. The one word that could bring you to throw the rest of the Girl Scout cookies you just bought right into the trash. Maybe.

If you’re anything like me, summer snuck up on you and you aren’t exactly ecstatic at the thought of donning a bikini quite yet.

Rest easy—I have some tips to help you lose a couple of unwanted pounds before you have to shed those layers come June:

1. Hit up FitRec!

FitRec offers tons of PDPs—from hardcore workouts like Beach Body and 20/20/20 to fun hip-hop and challenging spin classes.

2. Want to mix it up? Go to Sweat & Soul Yoga located at 1032 Comm Ave

It’s a great place to get a workout without having to make awkward eye contact across FitRec with that kid from your stats class. Sweat & Soul offers a variety of 60 and 90 minute yoga classes—such as vinyasa flow, hip-hop, and metal—for $10 a class. The studio offers 45 minute cycling classes as well for $15 per class.

3. Switch junk food for healthy food!

Hit up the dining hall on Make A Difference Mondays. Instead of serving red meat there are poultry and fish options and lots of local fruits and veggies.

4. Incorporate cardio and conditioning workouts into your everyday life.

You can run back and forth outside of your crush’s dorm window to get his attention. Toned legs and a new boyfriend?

You just won at life.

After you binge watch every episode of Kourtney and Khloe take Miami on Netflix and have to make the dreaded trek to your laptop to put on another Kardashian spinoff, do a couple of lunges!

Another option of proven success is to print out a picture of Ryan Gosling, tape it to your treadmill at FitRec, and run towards him as fast as you can because he wrote you 365 letters, he wrote you everyday for a year.

Or just go get some Panda Express from the GSU. There’s always next summer.

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