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Demi Lovato: A Role Model For All

There are many reasons why people adore Demi Lovato: her singing ability, her confidence, her acting; for me, I admire her for her dedication to staying fit. Having struggled with drug and alcohol addictions, an eating disorder, and bipolar disorder, Demi attributes exercising to be one of the most important parts of her recovery.

In her documentary titled, Simply Complicated, Demi describes her past eating disorder and admits food is “still the biggest challenge in her life.” But, by working with a nutritionist, going to therapy, and working hard in the gym, Lovato has not only improved her health, but she has set a great example for other women.

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Demi doesn’t like her workouts to become boring which, in an interview with SELF Magazine, she says “happens when [she] does just an hour of cardio.” In order to keep things new and different, Demi picked up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a combination martial art and combat sport. It typically focuses on grappling and ground fighting. In an interview with SELF Magazine Lovato said, “I first got into jiu-jitsu because I loved watching people grapple.”

Currently a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Demi loves how the sport incorporates self-defense. She also appreciates having the long-term goal of working towards earning a black belt. Having more motivation than just looking fit or lifting a heavy weight helps Demi stay motivated to work out and excited to improve her jiu-jitsu practice.

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In an interview with Fitness Magazine, Demi describes how she’s learned to accept her “flaws,” and instead focus on being grateful and taking care of her body in the best way that she can. While young girls look up to her for their fitness goals, Demi admires women such as Beyoncé, Iggy Azalea, and Jennifer Lopez for flaunting their curvier figures instead of hiding them.

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Demi Lovato has become a great example for young women today. Even though her body type is unfortunately not the norm in society, she still exudes confidence. By sticking to a fitness plan that offers her more than just a good workout and showing off her curves rather than covering them up, Demi Lovato is someone who I admire and look to for my own motivation.


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