7 Ways to De-Stress from Finals

The semester is ending, and we students have to work on several papers and projects, as well as study for exams. Whether all of your finals are papers or you have two exams and two projects, this is a very stressful and hectic time. So, here are 7 ways to de-stress from studying for finals.

1. Take a study break and watch a holiday movie.

Photo Credit: A Life Well Consumed

As first semester finals fall around the holidays, it’s the perfect excuse to watch your favorite seasonal film. Home Alone, Love Actually, Elf…there are so many fun holiday-themed movies out there and it’s a great way to give your mind a break from all the papers you’re writing and the tests you are studying for.

2. Bake.

I tried this one during my midterms, and it worked so well. According to Business Insider, baking helps relieve stress, and you’ll end up with delicious snacks to enjoy while studying. You can share some with your friends, too!

3. Meet a friend for coffee.

It’s always nice to step out of the library or your room and catch up with a friend outside of a school setting. The coffee will wake you up from your long and tiring hours of studying and writing, and talking with a friend will allow you to both vent about your exams and essays and get your mind off of them.

4. Meditate.

A quintessential stress reliever, meditation helps relax the body and mind. Also, according to the Huffington Post, meditation also helps with concentration, mood, and even your immune health––all of which are important for finals week (and really, all the time).

5. Exercise.

According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise improves your mood and works just as well as meditation. If you need a way to both relax and a positive pick-me-up, hit the gym for a workout.

6. Ice skate at the Frog Pond or check out Boston Winter.

Photo Credits: Boston Frog Pond & Boston Magazine

If you feel like going off campus and are in a wintry holiday mood, the Frog Pond and Boston Winter are both excellent diversions from your studying. They are also fun places to bring your friends and/or significant others, and they are both awesome opportunities for Instagram pictures.

7. Get creative.

Write. Draw. Sing. Design something. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but it also just might be! Connecting with your creative side will help you alleviate some stress and learn something new about yourself. You might even discover a talent you want to develop.

Whether you take these suggestions or you find your own ways to manage stress, I hope you all have a productive and low-stress finals week. HCXO!


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