4 Workout Brands That Are So Cute It Will Inspire Your Next Workout

From time to time, we all lose the motivation to work out. Sure, we all know exercising is good for your body and mind, but actually getting off the couch is easier said than done. One thing that inspires me to exercise, even when I’d rather sit in bed and watch Netflix, is workout clothes. Having something cute to wear at the gym is a major motivator. Here are four cool workout brands to check out if you need some encouragement for hitting the gym!

1. Acai Activewear

Acai Activewear describes themselves as “strong, stylish, and feminine.” Their clothes are unique and functional for outdoor activities such as jogging or hiking. They aim to offer innovation and functionality. without compromising style. Acai succeeds in providing affordable and trendy activewear.

Shop Acai Activewear here.

2. Athleta 

Athleta has clothing and accessories for virtually any activity. Their style is sleek, simple, minimal, and also practical. They offer innovative designs, such as performance fabrics, seamless design, and underwear specifically for certain activities.

Shop Athleta here.

3. Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga provides a wide variety of stylish and comfortable yoga clothes. They have countless different styles ranging from sweatpants to high-waisted leggings, capris, seamless leggings, and much more. Their style is similar to Athleta, in that it is simple and functional.

Shop Alo here.

4. Gym Shark 

Most popular for their leggings, Gym Shark offers a wide array of stylish and comfortable clothing. Their clothes are made for many different types of workouts, such as lifting, running, yoga, or biking. Gym Shark apparel also follows the “athleisure,” in that their clothes can be worn both in and out of the gym.

Shop Gym Shark here.

Cute clothes can be the motivation to workout. These four brands are bound to get you shopping and running.


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