Spilling the Tea on Tea

Tea is one of our favorite natural remedies for almost anything...

Feeling a cold coming on? Drink some tea.

Stomachache? Settle your stomach with some tea.

Not getting enough sleep? Tea can help with insomnia!

There are so many different – and delicious – types of tea to choose from. Below are some of our favorites and the natural benefits they provide!



Nausea / Cramps / Stomach Pain

  • Peppermint Tea
  • Ginger Tea
  • Cinnamon Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea


Calming / Sleep

  • Chamomile Tea
  • Passionflower tea
  • Lavender Tea
  • Lemon Balm Tea


Strengthening Your Immune System

  • Ginger Tea
  • Cinnamon Tea
  • Eucalyptus Tea
  • Hibiscus Tea


Fighting Off the Common Cold

  • Echinacea Tea
  • Thyme Tea
  • Rosemary Tea
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Elderberry Tea


Assists with Weight Loss

  • Green Tea
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Ginseng Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • White Tea


Next time you’re feeling a little under the weather, try out one of these teas before turning to traditional medicine (and that's the tea, sis)!




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