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It’s a New Semester, But Will It Be a New You?

New semesters call for “new” beginnings! Ah, the whole essence of a fresh start is so comforting. Although it’s just the start of a new semester, it is up to you to choose how you want to continue your school year.

It doesn’t matter if you ended on a low note last semester, you now have the chance to make this one something great – so will you?


We have had our fair share of ups and downs in our college careers here at Her Campus Bryant, and we are here to provide a refreshing view on how you can make this semester your best one yet, and why you should!



Take the time to cherish your friends

All our squads are reuniting, and it feels so good! Even seeing other familiar faces out and about can be fun and exciting. Take the time to hear about their break and check-in with them in case of any hardships they encountered over the time off. This is important and everyone deserves that time to sit, adapt back to campus life, and unwind with their good friends.


Really reevaluate your academic habits

Did you slack off last semester (and paid the price for it)?

Or, on the other end of the spectrum, did you do your best and reap the rewards?

We’re starting completely new classes, meeting new people and connecting with new professors and course material – how are we going to make the best of it? Go into the semester enthusiastically. This is cheesy – we know (we’re sorry). However, this can make all the difference in the first few weeks of the semester. It sets the tone and will establish a steady foundation for yourself as the semester goes on!


Settle back into your responsibilities…

Club meetings are starting back up, formal recruitment just happened, sports practices are in full force and internship and job interviews are still a priority. We left campus, and for most of us, in turn, also left our usual “on-campus” responsibilities. You know the ones we’re talking about – those tasks and roles you fill while you’re at school, but when you’re home on break it’s kind of like a vacation from these as well.

It’s time to settle back into our responsibilities and make sure each of these are in order. The more structured you are in doing so, the less stress you will have and the more efficient you will be in doing all you have to do now that we’re back!


…But still seek out new opportunities

Yes, of course take on your initial responsibilities first, but make sure to not cut yourself off from potential new opportunities.

Maybe an on-campus job just opened up that would look killer on your resume and interests you (and help make you some extra $$$).

Maybe you want to try a new intramural sport or a new workout class with your friends.

If your schedule happens to be lighter, maybe you can tackle an internship, or go the extra mile in class by conducting independent research – which, believe it or not, could land you the chance to present this research in cities across the country.

Whether it’s something big (like presenting research) or small (trying a new spin class with some friends), always keep yourself open to trying something new or taking on a new responsibility that will enhance your academics, social life or personal growth (or all three)!

We hope you can see past the “cheesy-ness” of all of this and see the usually unforeseen opportunity that comes with the beginning of a new semester!





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