Get Up, Get Out, Get Going—To Some Place New

Having trouble committing to your “New Year, New Me” New Year’s resolution? For many of you, I am sure your resolution included some form of working out more, losing weight, or anything in that realm. Seeing as numerous students are at the Auburn Rec each day since the second semester started, it was not hard to guess. With the large number of people going to the Rec each day, it can be a little intimidating, causing many to turn away and stay in their dorms or apartments, rather than working on their New Year’s resolution. However, the Rec is not the only place to burn off steam and work out. Here are a few alternative ways to get fit, without having to go to the gym.

  • Go for a run around campus

Running around the various parts of Auburn’s campus is very energizing and a great way to exercise. Not only are you burning energy, but you are also getting outside and taking in the fresh air. Grab your headphones, pick your favorite playlist, and go for a run!

  • Find short exercise videos that can be done in your dorm/apartment

Trying to get a head start on your Spring Break body? Look up a short, but effective core or abdominal workout video that can be done anywhere, even in your dorm!

  • Take a Hike

Fetch your keys and drive out to the beautiful Chewacla State Park to take a hike. Remember, working out does not always have to have a finish line—not everything is a race. Hiking is a fun and enjoyable way to burn calories, especially with such a scenic view.

  • Take a class at a studio off-campus

There are numerous studios in the Auburn area that host various types of classes. A few include Pure Barre, True40, Cross Fit on the Plains, and many more!

  • Stretch on Samford

Find a yoga mat or beach towel and head over to Samford to do yoga, stretch, or whatever you prefer. Every Auburn student can agree that nothing is better than enjoying some time on Samford's lawn.