Why It’s Important to Take Care of Your Body in College and How to Do It

Take care of your body!! Here's how...

As a fellow college student, sometimes I get too wound up in my tests and my friends that I neglect my body in the process. I forget how much my body does for me, and I do not return the favor. At the end of the day, it’s all I got and I want it to be in tip top shape. Students often can’t find time to sleep enough, eat right, get in the gym, or even think about their mental health.


We’ve all done it—you stay up all night studying for a huge test and you literally wake up in the library the next morning. Or maybe you went out the night before because your sorority had a date party, rolling into your apartment around 3 a.m. Every once in a while this is not horrible, but if it adds up your sleep schedule could take a serious toll on your body. When someone is sleep deprived, they are more likely to react to negative occurrences. It also makes it harder to focus in class, on a test, or while having a conversation with a friend. Sleep deprivation causes the risk for the sickness, which would be even more impairing to studying. For some people, loss of sleep even leads to depression. Now that you know how important sleep is, I’ll tell you how to get it!

-stop procrastinating

-set your bed time eight hours from your morning alarm

-put the phone down, turn off the Netflix

-study between classes during the day

-go out less on school nights

-take less naps to make up


When rushing to class and getting home late from the library, eating right seems near to impossible. Poor diets can result in less energy, trouble focusing, and mood swings. It can also lead to yapping from your family at Christmas time, “Oh honey, did you gain weight?” Fatty food also just makes you feel gross about yourself. A good appetite will boost your attitude and make you ready for the day—here’s how to do it!

-plan out your meals

-set out time for cooking, instead of running to local fast food

-find healthy foods that you enjoy

-ask your Mom for recipes of her home cooked meals…and recreate them yourself!

-have your roommates hold you accountable

-make healthy eating a part of your lifestyle


It is definitely not easy to get in the gym and certainly not always fun. It can take up study time or an hour that you planned to relax. However, exercise can do you even better than you ever thought. Working out will make you feel better about your body, building self-esteem. The endorphins released during will increase your mood and overall happiness. All that stress bottled up from classes will be released through a quick workout. Does this sound good to you?

-have a workout partner to hold you accountable and you’ll be less intimidated by the gym

-set a time every day for a workout

-switch it up…don’t do the same thing every day

-find what you like (tennis, running, weights, etc.)

-find a workout class

-change your mind set on exercise…it can be fun I promise!

Mental health

College students get so caught up in the million things they have to do in a day. They forget to take care of mental health. Anxiety and depression and even suicide are at a peak in college students. Here’s how to improve and maintain your well-being in college.

-spend time with friends

-take time to relax

-look at the bigger picture…that test is not going to ruin your life

-take care of your body

-do things you enjoy

-listen to music

-don’t be afraid to ask for help

College makes it a great challenge to take care of your mind and body, but these tips will help! Your body is all you have, so act like it. Good luck & go get healthy!