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5 Benefits of Running

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Adelphi chapter.


I ran all throughout high school on a cross country team. I personally loved running with other people because my teammates and I helped each other improve. I am so glad that I had that opportunity, and was actually surprised at how much I loved it.  I even run 5K’s which are fun, and many times, they are for a good cause.


  1. You can run, pretty much anywhere – No gym membership needed!



The opportunities are endless. Whether it’s the trails, the track, the neighborhood, there’s a place for everyone to enjoy running. Some people even run on the beach, or a bridge with a beautiful view! One of my favorite places to run is at a park which have trails and and even a boardwalk.


  1. Reduces Stress



There have been multiple studies on how running can reduce stress. I can testify to this.. When I run, I just focus on the present and being in the moment, which is running. I find it, pretty relaxing and calming too!


  1. Decreases Chances of All Kinds of Cancers and Diseases



It decreases not only the risk of heart disease and weight problems, but ALSO certain types of cancer! Running helps reduce your body fat percentage a lot, which in turn, helps you become an overall healthier person. If you run as little as 5 MINUTES a day it can even help you live longer.


  1. It’s a Lifelong Hobby


You don’t have to be on a team to run! You can continue your journey of running throughout your lifetime. Many marathon runners go through YEARS of training and the runners vary a lot in age.


  1. Boosts Brain Power



Running is known to release endorphins, and also makes you more alert. It helps increase brain functioning such as learning, and even helps boost your mood.


Hopefully, this list  made you consider just how fun and beneficial running can be, and maybe even take on a new hobby!


Hi, I'm Alexis! I'm a senior Communications major with a journalism concentration, and I'm an editor and campus co-coordinator for our Adelphi chapter of Her Campus! After graduating, I hope to write for news organizations that cover important social and humanitarian issues in our political sphere and in the global community. Other than writing, I enjoy reading, napping, and sightseeing. One fun fact about me is that I'm left-handed, which means I'm more likely to become President! I mainly write political content relating to the most current issues facing our country and the world.