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Ineza Merci

Towson '26

Ineza is a current Sophomore at Towson University. She majors in Communication Studies as an introverted individual. Oh, the irony! Ineza views writing as a way to speak her mind, comfortably, without speaking out loud. As far as writing experience goes, before graduating high school, Ineza was a part of her school’s newspaper, titled “The Paw Print”. She got the chance to write Op-Eds, write about News, and Entertainment.

Ineza loves to indulge in all things Pop Culture. Including online trends, music, Beyonce (yes, she’s her own genre), and more! It’s important for Ineza to focus on what keeps her mind going and it has become important for Ineza to share what she enjoys with others.

When Ineza is not writing, she’ll most likely be watching cat videos, viewing her favorite gaming streamers, or napping. She’s an advocate of maintaining a balanced lifestyle filled with priorities, fun, and self-care. Things get hectic and writer’s block is real, but Ineza is excited to further strengthen her craft in writing with Her Campus.