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gabbie ferraro

TCU '25

hi! im gabbie ferraro and i'm a junior at TCU! im studying communications with a minor in business and marketing. the dream is to go into the music business but the details im still figuring out. i grew up in san diego, california and that will always be my main personality trait and yes, i miss the beach a lot. sunset is my favorite time of day and fall is my fav season. orange and pink skies and leaves give me so much serotonin. hopefully this is obvious through my writing, but music is a passion of mine. i think i cost spotify money because i listen to so much music. u should totally follow my spotify it's @gabriella! , i mean u may find a new fav song or artist or both! anyways, love u besties thanks for reading my bio. literally if u wanna talk music or anything i would never say no. follow me let's be besties! my instagram is @gabbieferraro :) <3