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Let me be the first to tell you, I am a big lover of music. Hanging out on spotify and making new playlists or just finding new songs to love is something I could do for hours.That being said I know not everyone is like that and sometimes we can just get stuck listening to the same artists and same songs. Nothing wrong with that but hey let’s expand and add to that list of already favorites. So if that’s you bestie…let me help you out because this is a list of tips and tricks on how to expand your music taste or just have more songs and artists to be a fan of (there’s so many to obsess over let me tell you)

I should put it out there now, I’m a Spotify girly through and through. My spotify is so special to me. No lie tell people that if my spotify got hacked I would cry more than if my instagram got deleted. Anyways, me and my girl Spotify go way back. No hate to my Apple Music besties, that’s so valid too and this list of tips can probably help you out but this is catered more to my spotify users (xoxo y’all get me). 

Ok ready?? First off, let’s find our made for you tab on spotify. If you don’t know what that is, oh my goddess this will be a whole new world of music happiness for you. If you go to the search tab on the app and see the browse all options, scroll a little down and find the icon labeled “Discover” here you will find my favorite way of finding new artists. At the top it will say “Made for You” and you will find a playlist titled “Discover Weekly.” She will be cute and purpley blue and have your profile picture. Click on it and give it a like, this is on the left hand side and will add it to your library so it’s easier to find. So what is it?  This is a playlist that’s refreshed every Monday so you get a cute little gift every week from Spotify and it comes with 30 new songs specifically catered to what the algorithm thinks you would like. I look forward to Monday’s because of this playlist, I know it’s so precious. What I do is on Monday of course I listen all the way through and like the songs that I vibe with. Throughout the week, I’ll listen a few more times through and then boom new music for my many playlists. 

Now that we have some songs that we like from our Discover Weekly, what now?? Well ok, what I tend to do is I’ll do what I call a deep dive. This is when I really like a song and I’ll go to the artist’s profile and just press shuffle. This will let you listen through that artist’s entire discography and usually, when you like one song, you’ll like a couple more (and there is no shame in loving every song…I’ve definitely done that no shame sister). With that, you can also follow your favorite artists on spotify as well and that will allow you to see their new music when it’s released or just add it to your library for the algorithm to learn your likes better. Spotify will become more tailored to you the more info and interacting you do. Like I said, me and my account are besties. 

Moving right along, now that spotify has more info on what you like it will start suggesting new artists like the ones you already follow. Side note, if you haven’t followed any artists yet, girl go follow them. With that, you can also look up artists and their radio’s and those will be playlists with songs from your already favorite and also with new songs that are similar. A really cool feature as well that spotify has is the “fans also like” that gives you similar artists. So let’s go on a field trip, open up Spotify and look up my favorite band “the 1975”  and scroll basically to the bottom. Find “fans also like” and on theirs they have Declan McKenna, The Japanese House, The Band CAMINO, COIN, Vacation Manor, and much more. Can you guess if I like all those artists? The answer is yes absolutely, majority of my top 5 are on that list. So hey if you’re a Taylor Swift fan or a Justin Bieber fan, give their profile a look and you can definitely find new favorites. 

This is a newer feature to me, I don’t know if I’m late to the game or what but if you haven’t made the most of the “enhance” feature on your playlists then let me tell you, you really need to. Sometimes if I find one song like “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green, an amazing song you should listen to, and I want a whole playlist of songs in that same kinda vibe, I’ll add that one song to a playlist then press enhance. Just like that I have a whole mix of songs just like that one. It’s like you and Spotify working together on a playlist, kinda cute if you ask me. Same kinda deal, if you scroll all the way down on your already made playlists, there will be a list of “Recommended songs” that you can endlessly refresh and discover so much more. So if you wanna try it out, go to one of your playlists and look right above the “Add to this playlist” and you will see the “Enhance” button. Go crazy. 

Last tip! For now at least because I’m sure I’ll find more. Ok so, there are so many music lovers out there especially on tik tok and let me just say, us music people love to share! My favorite playlist creators and one’s I credit a lot of my favorite songs to are Carly or @hahakcoolgtgbye, kasey gelsomino or @kasey.playlists, and Sasha Mikael or @sashamikael. Totally give them a follow on spotify and tik tok and stalk some of their playlists. Also while your at it, follow me on spotify, all my profiles are linked on my bio !

Alright that’s all the tips I’ve got in me for now. I hope you try some out and find new tunes and bands to obsess over because music is such a beautiful thing. I also hope these tips aren’t common knowledge but regardless this was fun having you read all the way down bestie that’s so real. Like I said before though follow me and let’s be besties fr!! 

xoxo gabs <3

hi! i'm gabbie ferraro and i'm a sophmore at TCU! i'm studying chemistry, i know girl i dont know why i just have a science brain. details of what exactly i want to do with that is still a work in progress, but i plan to go into research when i graduate. i grew up in san diego, california and that will always be my main personality trait and yes, i miss the beach a lot. sunset is my favorite time of day and fall is my fav season. orange and pink skies and leaves give me so much serotonin. hopefully this is obvious through my writing, but music is a passion of mine. i think i cost spotify money because i listen to so much music. u should totally follow my spotify it's @gabs ferraro, i mean u may find a new fav song or artist or both! anyways, love u besties thanks for reading my bio. literally if u wanna talk music or anything i would never say no. follow me let's be besties! my instagram is @gabbieferraro :) <3