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Hi besties! My name is Gabbie, and I’m an avid Spotify user and music lover. I listen to many different genres and artists and can confidently say that Friday is my favorite day of the week because it’s when all the new music gets released. I kid you not — I will hop onto Spotify right at midnight to see all the new tracks. Anyway, all that to say, I have all these songs and artists that I would love to share with you.

This is the third installment of my fresh pressed article, so check out my previous posts because there were some amazing songs and artists in those. Anyway, it’s time for me to talk your ear off about the newest drops. This week surprised me; I had some anticipated records that I was excited to listen to, but so many singles dropped as well! We got blessed with some no-skip records and incredible singles. Also, I think it was a great mix of smaller artists and big names. Some of the tracks blew me away, and I know they will leave you in awe, too. This article is all based on my opinion, of course. So, happy listening besties; I hope you find a new favorite song or artist! I put my personal favorites in bold if you care to know!


Good Stuff by Jake Minch & Grace Enger 

Show You (Truck Song) by Esme Emerson  

jalapeno by benten 

Can’t Lose This Fight by New Hope Club 

lesson learned by Matt Hansen 

How It Goes by The Greeting Committee 

Burns by Telescreens 

Speed of the Sound (of you) by Peter McPoland 

What You Won’t Do for Love by Gus Dapperton 

Mile Away by Nicky Youre

Bianca by massie99

Alienated by ZAYN

Dry Erase by Quotes From Movies 

Yellow Yellow by Penny and Sparrow 

fine china by Ethan Regan 


The von dutch remix with skream and benga by Charli XCX, Skream, Benga

Yellow – Spotify Singles by jxdn

Pavement by Landon Conrath 

Peachy Skies by Emily Brimlow 

KNOCK KNOCK by Palmer 

Givin It Up by Legit Smitty 

b i g f e e l i n g s by WILLOW

My Fun by Suki Waterhouse 

plasticine by Kayla Grace 

Crybaby by Fake Dad 

Bloodstone by Oscar Blue 

One Less Question by Madi Diaz, Lennon Stella 

EAT THE BASS by John Summit 

Alien by Dehd 

skeleton by Jesse Jo Stark 

Show You (Truck Song) by Esme Emerson 

The Sink by hey, nothing 


garage sale by BETWEEN FRIENDS

Waste Management by Work Wife 

Slow Burn by Baby Rose, BADBADNOTGOOD

Stages by Young Mister 

Nice Things Now, All The Time by cruush


Don’t Forget Me by Maggie Rogers 

I’M DOING IT AGAIN BABY! by girl in red 

Seedlings by The Band Silhouette 

Happy Adjacent (Deluxe) by Cece Coakley 

June by Make Sure 

WE STILL DON’T TRUST YOU by Future, Metro Boomin 

Upside Down Bound by ansoella 

How’s It Gonna End? Tour Setlist by Aidan Bissett 


This section is where I bring attention to some smaller artists who truly are special gems to me. They all have below (or just above) 100k monthly listeners on Spotify but deserve so many more. I love to spotlight artists on the rise, even with my small platform, so if you get the chance, give them a listen! Also, I have a playlist where I add all of them. If you care to listen, click here: Spotlight playlist.

Debut Record: Seedlings by The Band Silhouette 

Record: June by Make Sure 

Record: Upside Down Bound by ansoella 

Record: Happy Adjacent (Deluxe) by Cece Coakley 

EP: Waste Management by Work Wife 

EP: Nice Things Now, All The Time by cruush

Single: Good Stuff by by Jake Minch & Grace Enger 

Single: Bianca by massie99

Single: Dry Erase by Quotes From Movies 

Single: Burns by Telescreens 

Single: jalapeno by benten 

DJ Gabs’ Personal Favs: 

Single: Good Stuff by by Jake Minch & Grace Enger 

I cannot contain my love for these two artists, and I think it’s a crime that they both have under 100k monthly listeners on Spotify. I kid you not, Jake Minch is my favorite songwriter at the moment; anything he writes is gold. Don’t even get me started on Grace Enger; her ep Well Here We Are is so good. It calls you out, makes you cry, and helps you through your emotions in the most poetic and gorgeous way. I love them, their friendship, and this song dearly. 

Record: Don’t Forget Me by Maggie Rogers 

If I could swear, I would use some colorful words to fully express how incredible this album was. Easily no skips; in fact, I added each song to my favorites without second guessing. From the first track, I knew this record was going to be incredible. My personal favorites are the already released singles “So Sick of Dreaming” and the title track “Don’t Forget Me,” but my new favorites are “It Was Coming All Along,” “The Kill,” and my instant, top of my list, will-be-on-repeat favorite is “All the Same.” 

You’re Red by Cece Coakley 

In my opinion, this is the new anthem for those who yearn. If you’re crushing on someone special, this song is for you; it describes all the emotions and feelings associated with falling for someone perfectly. Also, you get Cece Coakley’s beautiful voice singing it to you with this stunning track. This song is the newest addition to her recent projects and can be found on Happy Adjacent (Deluxe). She is truly so talented, so give the whole project a listen. 

Speed of the Sound (of you) by Peter McPoland 

Omg. Everyone is crushing and in love this spring, and I’m all here for it. This is the newest release from Peter McPoland, and can I just say from the start that I’m obsessed with his voice!? I don’t know another artist who has his sound, and I think that’s why he is so addicting. This song is, well, in my opinion, him crushing on some lucky individual and stating that all he needs is the speed of the sound of you!!! I can’t get enough.

jalapeno by benten 

Listening to benten makes me feel cool, and I think that’s all I have to say about it. Actually, I have way more. So, I found benten on TikTok and have been a return customer of his music ever since. To make it so much better, he has been releasing new music so frequently now, and each one is a certified on-repeat song. “Jalapeno” is his newest addition to his discography, and it’s groovy and set to be a classic benten tune. Cool people listen to benten, so be cool and check him out.

LOOKOUT! April 15th – April 19th 

Ok, besties, this is the section where I tell you which projects are getting released next week. I always have projects that I know are releasing and that I know will be first up on my queue right at midnight. With that, I want to have this be the release radar to be on the lookout for. Let us patiently wait for them on all streaming platforms together.

For this week, I fear I have a short list. I think it’s because the queen herself, Ms. Taylor Swift, is releasing her newest album; you probably know that already, though. However you feel about Taylor, you have to recognize that she pretty much rules the music business right now. Still, there will be so many new songs next week; my suggestion is to maybe give Spotify a few minutes after midnight because I bet it will crash due to how highly anticipated this new record is.

Single: maine by hey, nothing – 4/17

Record: The Tortured Poets Department by Taylor Swift – 4/19

Record: This Ain’t the Way You Go Out by Lucy Rose – 4/19

hi! im gabbie ferraro and i'm a junior at TCU! im studying communications with a minor in business and marketing. the dream is to go into the music business but the details im still figuring out. i grew up in san diego, california and that will always be my main personality trait and yes, i miss the beach a lot. sunset is my favorite time of day and fall is my fav season. orange and pink skies and leaves give me so much serotonin. hopefully this is obvious through my writing, but music is a passion of mine. i think i cost spotify money because i listen to so much music. u should totally follow my spotify it's @gabriella! , i mean u may find a new fav song or artist or both! anyways, love u besties thanks for reading my bio. literally if u wanna talk music or anything i would never say no. follow me let's be besties! my instagram is @gabbieferraro :) <3