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Underrated Artists That You Should Add to Your Playlists ASAP

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCU chapter.

Hey bestie it’s me again, back with some new music for you! This time I have 5 artists/bands that have less than 500k monthly listeners on Spotify. this article is me basically saying that they deserve way more fans (hint hint, I think you should be one). I love them all dearly and think you will too so definitely give them all a listen!! xoxo happy listening babe

dad sports ( indie pop/indie rock)

Starting off strong we have a recent find of mine. If you are a fan of indie pop, bedroom pop, or some good indie rock, let me introduce you to the band dad sports. The first song I heard by them was “out 4 a breather” on my discover weekly and I instantly knew they were going to become one of my new top artists. I gave their whole 2021 EP “I AM JUST A BOY LEAVE ME ALONE !!!” and, in my personal opinion, its got no skips (if your new to music lingo that means all the songs are 10/10). Anyways, I really enjoy their music and it makes me happy and I strongly believe it will have the same effect on you. Another song to mention is “nrvs again” just for fun!

The Wldlfe (alternative/indie/indie pop)

Next up is a band that I have loved for a while now, I think the first song i listen to was “Towel” back in 2019. So yeah uh, I’m a long time fan. They have some of the coolest lyrics and great beats and honestly, they have a song for every emotion. They just released an album called “Goodbye To All Of That, 2023” and it’s totally worth the listen. Alright, I told you they had a song for every emotion, so I listed my favs for you:

If you miss someone and can’t seem to let go (felt) listen to their song “Towel

If you’re in your ??? era listen to “Box

If you’re really mad at someone (an ex maybe…so real) yell the lyrics to “All My Friends

If you’re sad but don’t want a sappy acoustic song, jam out to “Waterfalls

If you’re for real sad, grab your tissues and listen to “You Don’t Love Me(Like You Used To)

Babygirl (indie pop)

Omg. Do you need someone to listen to because you want to be the main character in an indie movie? Please please please listen to Babygirl. Their songs are all over my “campus crush” playlist which is what I listen to when I’m walking around campus and girl, I feel like I’m so cute and mysterious with my headphones and silly little tunes. Specifically, “Sore Eyes” and “Soft” are my favorites. Some honorable mentions are “I Wish I Never Met You” and “Over In No Time

milk. ( alternative pop)

Moving right along, if you like the 1975, you’re gonna love this next one. The band milk. is a 4 member band from Dublin that perfectly makes alternative pop with a little electronic vibe. Listening to their music just makes me feel cool. Also, they make great songs to dance alone in your apartment to, no shame I have many times specifically to the songs “You’re So.” and “Human Contact.” More of my favorites are: “Drama Queen” and “A Little More” but honestly, just go to their page and press shuffle.

Hastings (alternative pop, indie rock)

Ok so, the way I became a Hastings fan was he opened for “The Band CAMINO” on their past tour and I was that person that looked up an artists Spotify profile as they are performing. I have no shame, in fact, I’m a shameless shazamer or a “siri what song is this.” I’ve found countless favorite songs and artists with that method so I highly recommend. But back to Hastings, during that concert I gave his profile a follow so fast and let me tell you, all his songs, amazing. his EP “Hastings” is six songs total and all six are so so good, not one bad song. my personal favorites are “Chapstick” and “Right Now” Other singles he has released that deserve a shoutout are “Blame The Brakes” and “Hurt My Feelings

Ok bestie we have reached the bottom of the article and the end of my five underrated artists that you should add to your playlists. I hope you had some fun reading and do some listening to these amazing artists and their music. Truly I’m a big fan of all their work and I hope you are too. That’s all I’ve got for today so till next time!

xoxo gabs <3

hi! im gabbie ferraro and i'm a junior at TCU! im studying communications with a minor in business and marketing. the dream is to go into the music business but the details im still figuring out. i grew up in san diego, california and that will always be my main personality trait and yes, i miss the beach a lot. sunset is my favorite time of day and fall is my fav season. orange and pink skies and leaves give me so much serotonin. hopefully this is obvious through my writing, but music is a passion of mine. i think i cost spotify money because i listen to so much music. u should totally follow my spotify it's @gabriella! , i mean u may find a new fav song or artist or both! anyways, love u besties thanks for reading my bio. literally if u wanna talk music or anything i would never say no. follow me let's be besties! my instagram is @gabbieferraro :) <3