• Is Winter Finally Over?

    Winter seems to have finally flown the coop here in the bluegrass and spring has come to comfort us, even though it is late. The last day...

  • A Week of Lasts as an Undergrad

    Everybody has a story of firsts and the good old college days, but nobody ever tells you about the lasts -- the last days as an undergrad...

  • Movies Coming This Summer

    This school year has been great -- it really has been. But boy am I glad it is finally over. Now... Summer break! Who knows what will be...

  • Why it is Important to Study in Advance

    With finals this week, I have had to keep a pretty strict schedule on what exactly I spend my time doing. Studying, sleeping, eating, packing, and fitting in the gym are pretty much the only things that are required for me to do but creating a strategy for all that is so beneficial during this busy time.

  • The Finals Week Morning Routine

    Finals week is typically thought of as the worst time of the semester. However, few recognize how easy a finals week morning routine can be. Understanding how much of our normal routine is taken care of for us during finals week is crucial for surviving the last few days before break.

  • Summer Date Night Ideas

    As the spring semester comes to a close, the summer months are quickly approaching and everyone is anticipating all the fun things that come along with the season. One of the best things about summer is that you have endless date possibilities because of the warm weather and fun events.

  • Graduation Gift Ideas

    School is almost over and that means graduations are happening. Graduations are a huge cause for celebration. What better way to congratulate someone, than by getting them an amazing gift.

  • Book Review: Lilac Girls by Martha Kelly

    Recently I sat down and read a book that is climbing the charts on every best-seller list out right now. With this being said, I figured I would give this growing literary phenomenon a try.

  • A Summer of Music

    Music is something that is constantly changing and evolving into new styles and sounds. I remember being a little girl and growing up...

  • Four Years Later

    Four years ago I walked into the visitor center at University of Kentucky. Change was looming and ambiguity of life was weighing on my...

  • Santa Ana Hot Spots

    California is so modern and trendy, so there is a bunch of things to try. I have decided to share the spots I want to check out with you all.

  • Babysitting Ideas for this Summer

    For those of you who are babysitting this summer, this article is for you! I plan to list a bunch of ideas on what we can do to make sure that our kids have the most fun-filled, exciting summer imaginable!

  • The Wonders of the Smores Blizzard

    Dairy Queen recently released their summer blizzards and my friends have been all over it. Really though, the group chat has been filled...

  • Am I a Night Owl by Choice?

    I have been a night owl, as one is called when they prefer being awake at night, since I was a child. As I have aged, I have learned this...

  • Summer Read: 'Britt-Marie Was Here'

    This is a perfect summer read for everyone out there who wants to read a book this summer that is fun, light-hearted and has an outdoorsy aspect to it.

  • Hamilton Review

    I finally got to be in the room where it happened. Hamilton’s National Tour Cast has made a stop in St. Louis at the Fabulous Fox Theatre...


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