• A Tour of Larkspur Press

    Larkspur Press is tucked into rural Kentucky just outside of Frankfort. You are greeted by two large and sweet dogs immediately after parking. They loop around you, ushering you into the small, two-story building to meet Gray Zeitz, who has been printing books for decades

  • What to Expect in Riverdale Season 2

    With the season two premiere of Riverdale airing October 11, fans everywhere cannot contain their excitement. What can we expect from this season though now that we finally found out who murdered Jason?

  • Rihanna's Impressive Philanthropy

    As one of the best-selling artists of all time, there is no questioning Rihanna’s ultimate success in the music business. Along with many other accomplishments, her title as the youngest and fastest solo artist to earn 14 #1 singles on Billboard Hot 100 still remains a profound feat.

  • 10 Quotes For the Strong Collegiette Woman

    There are truths that we instill in ourselves. Truths that make us a better person and give us our character. Truths that give us a sense of pride in ourselves and in others. Below are some quotes that have become truths for me and you should consider them truths for yourself as a collegiette.

  • Current NFL Protests Are Not as Nobel as You Think

    On Sept. 25, 2017 there was an NFL wide protest during the National Anthem by each team that played that day. Everyone that took part in this protest was not protesting the targeting or unjust killing of minorities, some were doing it in protest of remarks made by Donald Trump on Sept. 22.

  • "Take a Knee" Movement Is Taking the Country by Storm

    For those who have kept up with the NFL, the “Take a Knee” movement began in September 2016 when Colin Kaepernick, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, decided to sit during the national anthem, which eventually led to kneeling, as opposed to the tradition of standing with his hand over his heart.

  • Why It Is All Worth It

    Do you ever think to yourself, “Why am I in college?” Or, “What is the purpose of all this?” You are not alone. I bet there are a bunch of...

  • Wildcat Favorites: Restaurants

    It is finally October, that means we have been at school for at least two months. This also means that you are probably tired of eating at...

  • Communication Error

    We have all been there. The annoyance of a communication error. We have all been in fights with significant others or friends because we did not recognize their sarcasm in a text message.

  • Living in Ambiguity Is Okay for Right Now

    This year I have done a few things that not only terrify me, but took me out of my comfort zone and out of the country. All equally terrifying, but have shaped me into a stronger woman.

  • Life After College: Student Loan Debt

    My parents are not rich and I am not smart enough to have a full-ride, or even a partial college scholarship. The only way college was going to be an option for me was if I took out student loans.

  • The Real Tailgating Experience

    It is officially football time in the Bluegrass and with football comes the tailgates. A lot of you ladies and men know the struggle of...

  • Meal Prepping for the Busy College Student

    Meal prepping is when you prepare a few days or a weeks worth of meals in one day and store them away for daily meals throughout the week. This plan is very beneficial for those trying to diet, those who are busy and those who do not like to cook daily. It is also very easy.

  • Betsy DeVos' Plans for Campus Assault Policy

    Her goal is to give colleges the freedom to balance rights of the accused while also maintaining punishment for serious misconduct. In order to do this, two sets of guidelines have to be abolished. These are currently the most controversial topics in higher education.

  • Fall Dorm Decor

    Being a college student can be strenuous on your budget, especially when you want to decorate your room for holidays and seasons. With...

  • The Importance of Our Hogwarts House

    Your hands tremble as you type your new username. You are nervous. Nervous like an 11-year-old wizard and not a college student ignoring lecture. You scroll through your options, careful in choosing. It feels as though J.K. Rowling herself asks “Dawn or Dusk?”


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