• Finals Week Cat Gifs

    If you love cats and gifs, you sure will enjoy this article. Hopefully these cat-themed gifs will boost your mood through finals! 1. When...

  • How to Get Through Finals

    The large amount of studying and condensed amount of time to do it during finals can stress out even the most organized, well-prepared...

  • End of the Semester Slump

    Writing does not come naturally, it is a skill one acquires overtime. But slumps do not always happen with just writing. They happen when you need to do anything but feel like you cannot.

  • A Brief Critique of America's 2017

    Society. America. The world. We have gone through alot this year. Am I surprised? Nope. Disappointed? A bit, but when I look back on my predictions more than a year ago when Donald Trump became president-elect I knew that the world was not going to get much better.

  • Finals Through the Eyes of Spongebob

    Finals week has finally made its brutal and unwanted entrance. And if you are anything like me, you are currently trying to figure out how in the world you are going to pull an A+ final paper out of your butt, because your brain literally cannot anymore.

  • Bing-Worthy Netflix Shows for Winter Break

    Winter break is finally here! We have all worked so hard to get here and now that finals are officially done and over, it is now time to sit back and relax with a hot chocolate, fuzzy socks and Netflix. I’ve compiled a list of shows that are worthy of binge watching during the break that will keep you distracted from eating every Christmas Tree Cake in the house.

  • Procrastination and How to Avoid It

    And just like that, finals are upon us. While this should be a time to buckle down concerning our studies, go on library-lockdown and do everything we can to pull off that GPA, for many it only means one thing: procrastination. So what do you do when you want to avoid the “five-minute study break” leads to three exams and one all-nighter?

  • Finals Week Told By Gifs

    Instead of getting to spend the last few days with your friends before break, you are holed up in Willy T. Library. I know how stressful finals week can be, so enjoy these memes describing the utter horror that is finals week:

  • How to Have the Best Holiday Season This Year

    Holidays can go one of two ways: 1) lots of arguing between family members who have different view points but refuse to respect the others belief. 2) curled up on the couch with a blanket next to your Christmas tree watching Christmas movies with your family (or alone if you prefer).

  • DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

    Two ornaments I have found that are extremely easy to DIY for a beautiful tree are a pinecone and clothespin snowflake. Both ornaments...

  • A Special Holiday Love

    As a child, I often focused on the gifts that I was hoping to receive Christmas morning, and would have much rather stayed at home to play...

  • The Ongoing Starbucks Holiday Cup Controversy

    All year long we witness those traditional green logos on white cardboard to-go cups bobbing up and down the streets. This famous logo and these ever present coffee cups belong to the American coffee company and coffeehouse chain Starbucks.

  • Not So Secret Santa

    Secret Santa is never secret in my friend group. none of us can keep our mouths shut for too long. It does not take long for all the pieces to fall into place.

  • When the Holidays Aren't That Jolly

    Ah, December. For many, it is a joyous time when the air is crisp and cool and the days are as bright as the lights on the Christmas tree. Usually Christmas is a time when everyone just seems a little kinder, a little cheerier, a little merrier. However, this does not hold true for everyone.

  • Get Into the Holiday Spirit With These Seasonal Activities

    The holiday season is in full effect now. It may be hard to feel festive though with finals looming in the near future. In order to de-stress and get in the holiday spirit I have a list of festive activities that will be sure to have you feeling jolly.

  • O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree

    Some are big and some are small. Some are short and some are tall. Some are wide and some are thin. And some will fall over with a gust of wind! (LOL! This is why I do not write poetry).

  • Anxiety Is...

    Anxiety is a crippling mental disease that not many take into consideration or pay attention to. This disease has touched more than half of my family members and it has recently touched me.

  • Reasons I Am a Womanist

    When feminism was founded it was an excellent concept. It was even inclusive of all women for a very short amount of time at the beginning of its era, that was until its founders learned quickly that southerners did not want to support a movement that prioritized the rights of black women the same as it prioritized those of white women.

  • Hot to Be a Functioning Hot Mess

    In high school I was always a pretty organized student. I had my color-coded binders with folders and pens to match. However, once I started college all of my organizational skills seemed to vanish. Here are a few tips on how I turned my hot mess back into an organizer’s dream.


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