• Why UK is my Favorite Place

    Photo by Katia Davis In 2014, I was a senior in high school who was about to apply for college. I was terrified, even though I knew I...

  • Feminist is Not a Dirty Word

    The other day, my (male) friend and I were having a discussion on women in the workplace. Specifically, we spoke about how to approach an...

  • 20 Things I've Learned by Age 20

    Life is confusing. Especially when you’re an adolescent teen who is trying to find their way in this world. If you think life gets any less...

  • Our Wildcats

    The University of Kentucky is a home to so many not just here in the residencies. It’s a home to all alumni and all who continually show...

  • 15 Signs You Might be an English Major

    Nothing beats a good books that you can physically hold in your hands or the amount of inspiration you draw from your favorite authors, but sometimes being an English major has its quirks.

  • The New Sheriff in Town

    Robert Hayes had been an undergraduate studies adviser at the University of Kentucky for nine years, but because of restructuring his position was being eliminated and he would have to find a new job

  • 5 Money Saving Apps

    Being a college student consists of many things, but most of them revolve around having little money. Free food, activities and events happen throughout the school year, but what about the other days?

  • Hard to Live in Eastern Kentucky

    I read a N.Y. Times article a few years ago that featured the county I grew up in, and said that it was one of the hardest places in the nation to live. While this is true according to data, there is a large disconnect from what people in drastically different areas really know about each other.

  • Breaking My Phone was a Blessing in Disguise

    A few weeks ago, I dropped my phone in my driveway in front of my mom. She gasped and gave me a deer-in-the-headlights look, but I assured her it was no big deal – I had my trusty Darth Vader case and a glass screen protector that had been through plenty of accidents before

  • Holiday Shopping on a Budget

    If you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t started shopping for your loved ones’ holiday gifts. You also probably don’t have a lot of...

  • Top 5 Podcast Recommendations

    Podcasts have become pretty popular over the past decade, From This American Life to Joe Rogan Experience to Serial, they have blown up...


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