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Horror movies aren’t for everybody, especially those who get frightened by the tiniest of things. However, there are some people who fall under this category that still express interest in horror films. If you happen to be one of those people, then this list of horror films I’ve compiled might just be for you. 

  1. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)

Based on the children’s book series by Alvin Schwaartz, “Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark” is a good introduction to the horror genre for those squeamish or unsure. Directed by Andre Øvredal with a screenplay by Dan and Kevin Hagerman (adapted from a story by producers Guillermo del Toro, Patrick Melton, and Marcus Dunstan), the film follows a group of young kids who accidentally unleash a malevolent spirit after finding a book of unsettling stories. 

While the film is rated PG-13, the monsters’ designs are absolutely terrifying, and there are some scenes which I’m surprised they kept in. Even so, the film isn’t too bad, so I think it’d be alright for first-timers to handle. 

  1. 12 Hour Shift (2020)

A black-comedy horror written and directed by Brea Grant, “12 Hour Shift” follows Mandy (played by Angela Bettis), a nurse with a drug addiction who harvests organs at the hospital she works at in order to finance her addiction. When her cousin, Regina, misplaces a kidney for the trafficker they report to, the two must find a replacement before Mandy’s shift is up. Chaos ensues soon after, though, and the hospital descends into absolute madness. 

While the film is quite gorey and crass, there’s a considerable amount of humor throughout to help ease the tension. If you’re someone who enjoys humor in scary situations, then this is the film for you. 

  1. Us (2019)

After the immense success of his directorial debut “Get Out” (2017), Jordan Peele went on to direct, write and produce “Us” two years later. The film follows Adelaide Wilson (played by Lupita Nyong’o) and her family as they’re terrorized by doppelgängers while on vacation. Soon after, they discover they’re not the only ones affected; nevertheless, they must do all they can to survive being killed by their doppelgängers. 

“Us” is a straightforward horror film – there’s sharp weapons, creepy imagery, and a considerable amount of blood. While “Us” isn’t a comedy-horror like “12 Hour Shift,” there are a fair amount of lighthearted moments spread throughout to calm audiences. The chemistry between the actors of the Wilson family is one of the film’s best strengths, and one of the reasons I recommend this film. 

While there are many more horror films I could list for this article, I will end it here for now. If you all would be interested in more, though, do let me know!

Jordyn is a junior at the University of Kentucky majoring in Psychology and minoring in Journalism Studies. She loves writing fiction stories, but enjoys partaking in a bit of non-fiction writing, too. In the future, she hopes to either become a clinical psychologist or an author.
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