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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UK chapter.

The end of summer is dreaded for many reasons varying from person to person. Perhaps it is the loss of the sun’s constant attention. Perhaps it is returning to your once forgotten responsibilities. Though, for many, it is a reminder that you will soon be many miles away from your significant 

other, with maybe only holidays and breaks to look forward to. Cautioned against and championed as a guaranteed way to have your heart broken – the infamous villain I am talking about is the long-distance relationship. 

When my long-term boyfriend and I decided on our colleges of choice, which are 45 minutes away from one another, I admit my first reaction was nervousness. It was confusing; we had had no issues in our almost four-year relationship, but knowing we could only see each other a handful of times a month had my palms sweating. I attempted to soothe my worries by repeating that we were not that far away. Our conflicting schedules could not keep us apart that often. Right? 

The worries remained despite my best judgment, and so I scoured the internet to decide my best course of action. However, I only ended up discovering a discourse between those in a long-distance relationship arguing with those that had had a long-distance relationship blow up in their face. This useless research led me to search for my own perspective. 

The most important thing I learned was how a sit-down conversation with one’s significant other about boundaries while at college can change everything. By being open, my boyfriend and I both felt comforted in knowing that we trusted one another even if we could not physically be in the same room together. If you also trust your partner and you see yourself sharing a future with them, my advice would be to make sure each person in the relationship is serious about putting in the effort to make the relationship work. This notion – putting in the effort – is the most important part of knowing if your relationship will work. Long-distance relationships are hard work, but not impossible to feel fulfilled in. If you can plan and commit to how you will work to keep the relationship healthy, there is no reason to believe it will not work out. 

The end of summer blues is common in a place like a college. A significant other should bring comfort when you may struggle elsewhere. Do not let a relationship ruin what are supposed to be years of fun youth. In the same thought, though, don’t give up on a relationship that works just because you feel you’re supposed to. If your long-distance relationship is worth it, you will know.

My name is Morgan Loy, and I am a freshman at The University of Kentucky studying journalism. I love consuming as well as creating media geared specifically for women. Some goals for the future of my career include expanding my writing portfolio and honing my craft.