• To Travel at Home

    Even if you’re planning to study abroad, make sure to explore in and around Austin in your semesters on campus! When you do visit another country, people will ask you about life back at home. I’m sure it will feel even better if you have specific personal stories to tell of Austin’s quirks and oddities rather than saying, “I’ve visited a few places with friends, but that one time I tried taking the bus…"

  • The Best Outfits to Rock This Fall

    Fall is my absolute favorite season. Yes, I am #basic, but that doesn’t influence it. I love college football, the leaves changing and the weather getting colder (well, not in Texas but other areas of the country). Also, who doesn’t love sweaters, boots and scarves? Below I have compiled some of my all time favorite fall outfits that I’ve worn over the past two years. Maybe you have pieces you can use to recreate them, if not I’ve included links to similar pieces located around the web.

  • The Best Study Spots at the University of Texas at Austin

    I went on a journey for two weeks searching for the best study spots around town, and I am glad to say I have found a few! No matter where you like to study, inside or out, loud or quiet, there is a place you can find that will be your second home for those exam times.

  • Five Artists and Bands To Cure Your Music Funk

    The weekend following Austin City Limits brings major music withdrawals. Maybe you went to see your favorite artist, to find new music, or honestly just for the food (it’s okay, me, too). Whatever your reason for going, there’s a way to get over the Monday blues. Finding new bands and artists, especially when they’re led by strong woman, can kick out the music funk you don’t want to feel any longer. Here are five female artists and bands you need to know.

  • Do Other People Define Who I Am?

    I began reading philosophy in the sixth grade. My father was finishing his undergrad at Georgia State University in Atlanta when I was a...

  • Twas the Afternoon Before OU

    Twas the afternoon before OU when all through West Campus, Every creature was stirring, especially the pledges, The coolers were packed and...

  • Festival Turns Into Tragedy

    An overview of the events that happened on the day of the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting on October 1, 2017. Warning: Contains imagery from the festival's shooting

  • Motivation Through Music

    If you’re studying a foreign language, I encourage learning at least a couple songs as you study. Aside from increasing your vocabulary retention, you will gain another connection to the culture and native speakers of your target language. Plus, it will give you an academic reason to spend more time listening to music!

  • I’m 19, Korean-American, and Terrified

    It’s a fact that many Americans are afraid of WW3 breaking out with North Korea, although the States probably wouldn’t be the first target if North Korea did attack. To most Americans, North Korea is just a foreign country that’s far away but a possible threat to their safety. But for me, it’s a completely different story.

  • Fun Things to do Outdoors in Austin

    Moving to a big city like Austin when you are used to a small town can be daunting and a little overwhelming. My first year in Austin I didn’t do anything in the city, simply because I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know where to start. Since my time as a freshman, however, I have learned some cheap and fun things to do around the city for those days when you just don’t want to stay inside.

  • A Plea for Empathy

    Today let’s pretend I’m an elementary school teacher. Here’s today’s lesson. The definition of empathy is as follows: the ability to...

  • My Pick's of UT Orgs

    It’s been four weeks since I’ve made UT my home, and there’s been so much to do! Exploring Austin and all the stuff it has to offer is a...

  • Fall Footwear

    We’ve just passed the milestone for the first day of fall…and I realize it doesn’t seem like it will ever be cold in Austin, but we can be...

  • Austin City Limits Survival Guide

    One of everyone’s favorite events of the year, Austin City Limits is back in one short weeks for the 16th annual music festival here in...

  • Play-By-Play of USC Game

    As Drake would say, if you’re reading this it’s too late. We lost. Not only did we lose, we lost in DOUBLE overtime to USC. If this doesn’t hit home with you let me give you a brief history lesson.

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