• What Feminism Meants to Me

    To be a feminist means to be a believer in empowerment. Feminism is supporting and advocating women’s rights on political, social, and economic equality.

  • New Netflix Favorite: Dear White People

    I finished the first season in record time, and I’m now impatiently waiting for Season 2. If you need a break from studying for finals, give Dear White People a try; it won’t disappoint!

  • Books for Your Summer Adventures

    Now that we are headed into summer, you are probably jetting off to your internship in New York or to study abroad somewhere amazing. Your bags are packed. Shoes are off. You passed security and are (finally) sitting on a plane debating to pickup a germ-infested Sky Mall catalog — is worth it? It’s not. Instead, think ahead and grab one of these books to get you through the fun of air travel.

  • A Sonnet

    Freshman Aria Nicolai shares her passion for animal rights in this creative and thought provoking poem.

  • Meet Psych Sophomore: Ashley Bush

    If I could give any piece of advice to any incoming student it would be to get involved with at least one organization! Being at such a large school I realized very quickly how hard it can be to make friends.

  • Your Ultimate Dorm Packing List

    I spent my first year at the University of Texas at Austin in a dorm. I called Jester West my home for a few months. Websites compile extensive lists of “must haves,” but some of them are so unnecessary. Here’s a list of the things that made my life easier, and you should consider if you’re looking into dorm life.

  • Meet Refugee Advocate: Evan Rathjen

    Before I was involved in LARA, I hadn’t met a refugee. I didn’t realize that there were student, faculty, and staff refugees here on campus and actively contributing to the Austin community.

  • Grace, Why are You a Christian?

    How do you articulate an experience that is so unique to the individual that any other human being, Christian or not, could understand exactly what the mental and emotional processes are like when deciding that Christianity, or any religion really, was right for him or her?

  • A Finals Playlist for your Toughest Weeks

    It’s that time of the semester again. Finals. Time to buckle down and get that GPA that you’re hopefully aiming for. So, grab your exam guides, some flashcards, and a large espresso drink. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite songs to help me get through these stressful times.

  • 10 Shows Guaranteed to Help You Procrastinate

    Honestly I have had an entire year of this feeling and have finished more TV series than I would like to admit in the past 12 months. So I give you, my professional binge watching opinion of all my favorite shows to help aid your poor decision making. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

  • How to be a Better Gift-Giver

    Being “good” at giving gifts doesn’t necessarily means you buy everyone you know the shiniest toy in the store window--it means that you take time to thoughtfully put together a gift that embodies the way you feel about the person whom you are giving the gift to. Here are 6 tips for giving that I live by. In using them, you may start to look at “giving” in a completely different light.

  • Spring Must Do's Near ATX

    It’s April and that means it’s time for tons of spring festivals. Below is our definitive guide to all of the best ones happening in Austin this month and next!

  • 13 Reasons to Run 13 Miles

    Running may not be everyone's idea of a good idea, but training for a big run helps make you physically and mentally fit. Here are 13 reasons to aim for 13 miles:

  • Reading to Connect

    Everything is better when you do it with a friend -- have you tried reading with one?

  • Say G'Day to Elizabeth!

    This has been a particularly boring semester for me, due in large part to the fact that my roommate and best friend of three years is in the land Down Under! Elizabeth Roach is a third year history major who friends describe as supportive, adventurous, and passionate. Of course I miss her terribly, but she's having the time of her life. What's she been up to? I asked!

  • Leaning into the Wind

    Leaning into the Wind When I first met my fellow research assistants to begin discussing Shakespeare’s sonnets, I didn’t expect that our...

  • A Few Books to Read in Your Lifetime

    I’m sure everyone and his or her mother has a suggestive book list and, because bandwagons are all the rage this season, I do, too. Here are my reading suggestions for anytime of the day, mouth, year, decade, and lifetime. I promise that they are all treats within themselves.

  • 5 Services at UT that You Might Not Know About

    From everything to a security service that will drive you to your front door to when you just need someone to listen to you, UT has got it all! Check out these underrated services offered by the university.

  • Top Insta Worthy Food Stops in ATX

    Austin is a city filled with creative chefs who are not afraid to be innovative and ingenious, but there is so many artistic creations throughout the city’s streets and buildings. These are some of the top Instagram worthy places to eat that also happen to serve delicious food!

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