• Problems Perpetrated by the Model Minority Myth

    For my Journalism class I had the opportunity to interview people and write an article about the Model Minority Myth and how it hurts college students, so I thought it would be a nice topic to share with the readers of HerCampus.

  • Biking in Taipei

    It had been years since I last went biking, and never for this far of a bike ride. I remember learning how to bike as a child, exploring...

  • Great Gifts for Your SOS in Your Life

    Christmas time is fast approaching and maybe you don’t know what to get that special someone or platonic friend in your life. Surely, he or she has a long list of things they want, but we certainly shouldn’t ignore what they need. Here’s list of Christmas gift that will certainly check off something on your SOS’s list.

  • When Did We Get Here

    I remember a time when I would wake up on any given holiday and feel it in my bones. Even on my birthday I would wake up in the morning and...

  • Ceilings: A Poem

    Ceilings There is glass in the sky reflecting the rays of hope and yet blinds the eyes of many I feel like I alone can see The glass molds...

  • 6 Face Masks for When You Need to Treat. Yo. Self

    3 words I live by : Treat. Yo. Self. I like to live by these words, especially when it comes to skin care and face masks. It’s almost finals week (a.k.a HELL week) and I’m sure it’s gonna be a very, very stressful week. So why not treat yourself with these affordable face masks by pampering yourself with these luxuries?

  • Why Go Vegetarian

    Reduce Global Warming Most people assume the leading cause of global warming is carbon dioxide emissions from cars and factories. However,...

  • The Best Winter Nail Polishes

    Winter is quickly approaching (maybe not in Texas) and we are (starting) to bring out our winter clothing. Why not bring out winter nail...

  • Why Steve Harrington was the Best Part of Stranger Things 2

    Stranger Things caught audiences from the beginning, and season 2 was expected to do the same, which it did in terms of content. However, the character development of Steve was something that surprised almost everyone and was a major success. It redefined what a stereotyped character could accomplish and how they could change. I mean how could you not love him now?

  • Five Reasons Why Thanksgiving is the Best

    There are so many reasons why this holiday is the best. Remember the three F’s: food, family, and football. However, in case you needed any more reasons to be grateful for this thankful holiday, I have 5 reasons why Thanksgiving is the best.

  • Why Adopting a Cat Was the Best Thing for Me

    When I told my parents I had gotten a cat, they told me what a bad idea it was financially. They believed the cat would soon become a burden, and that I would be spending money I didn’t have. I told them the cat was the best thing for me to help me get over my homesickness. What they didn’t know was that the kitten would drastically improve my mood, and my sadness about not seeing my family.

  • Don't Change Yourself For A Man

    Recently I’ve been talking to friends from my freshman year and one topic that keeps coming up is the desire to be in a relationship. One friend mentioned that she thinks she “acts too independent” and that she needs to “smile and laugh more” while “boosting them by saying ‘WOW that’s so impressive’ while randomly touching the guy”. Though I wanted to call her and scream, DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT YOURSELF, I calmed myself down and listed a few things on my phone memo that I think are things that no one should change about themselves for someone else.

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