• How to Deal with the Holidays When You're Single AF

    How are your grades? How many friends do you have? Do you have a boyfriend? Of course you answer with the generic “everything is great! No, I am way too busy and focused on school to have a boyfriend.” When, in reality, all you want to say is “screw off!” Well, in order to deal with those dark mean inner thoughts, you can follow some easy steps.

  • Celebrating the Holidays in Austin

    There’s something about drinking peppermint hot chocolate, going Christmas shopping, gazing at the bright red, green, colored lights, while being surrounded by your loved ones. How to enjoy all of this while being in Austin? Look no further.

  • Gifts for Every Type of Friend

    With so many great friends to buy presents for, it can be hard to think of the perfect gift. Don't fret––I've got some suggestions for you.

  • 5 Tips to Survive Finals Week

    You are a strong, independent, intelligent woman and you will ace these finals! May the odds-and the curves-be ever in your favor.

  • Gratitude & Ways to Show It

    Gratitude and Ways to Show It Thanksgiving is upon us! It’s time to eat large quantities of food. And the best part is that the calories...

  • Raising Children Above the Line

    But with all this progress being made in one of the wealthiest and most powerful countries in the world, why is it that 1 in 5 American children are poor? Just let that sink in; 15.3 million or 21% of American children live under the poverty line.

  • Shows we Want Back

    Show we want rebooted! The Gilmore Girls hype has been crazy lately due to the series returning on Netflix, and now they are coming out...

  • Women Making Waves this Election Season

    Just because it wasn’t Hillary in this election doesn’t mean that a female President won’t ever happen. It will. It has to. In her own words, “we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling. But some day, someone will.” And until then, women don’t have to stop making waves and demanding equality. And so, here are some other badass role models for young girls who did some pretty incredible things this election season.

  • Midterm Mayhem: A Couple Reminders

    As midterms come around, with finals around the corner, here are a couple of reminders and self-care tips to ensure a healthy wellbeing and to minimize the stress when possible!

  • Making America Great Again

    Hear me out. With Trump as the 2016 presidential-elect, America is on its way to being made great again. Truly, incredibly great. That’s right, everything that the man has claimed in his campaign is true (even though there were a few lies here and there). America, within these next four years, will peak like never before. Change is on its way.

  • Meet Kelsey Rogers: Lead Singer of Rogers

    I had this moment right before the album was produced where I felt like I was my old self for a day, and then I realized that I had thought that I had come so far when really I had more distance to go. And so I wrote “Room to Grow.”

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