• A Few of My Favorite Yoga Poses

    If you are anything like me you are still tired and want to just go back on vacation. But alas, we are on the downhill of our spring semester, which means we have tons of tests, assignments and finals looming over us. That means we’ll be spending quite a lot of time in the PCL so here are some yoga positions to get you though those stressful times.

  • Four Reasons Why You Should Be Civically Engaged

    Now, I know buzzwords like “philosophy”, “politics”, and “civic engagement” are huge turn offs for some people, but I contend that everyone should be concerned about their own level of civic engagement and about their community’s level as well. Here are a few reasons why you should think the same:

  • Easy & Healthy Snacks

    Instead of reaching for that bag of candy; you can have some healthy and delicious alternatives.

  • Just a Moment

    In this week before spring break, don’t forget to take time for yourself. I have to remind myself not to take too much time to relax — I still need to do the work — but spending thirty minutes alone outside, thirty minutes journaling, can make the work that you produce after your short break much more thoughtful and focused.

  • Meet Allysa Hollander

    Meet Allysa Hollander HC: Why UT, why your major, and why Communication Council? AH: I was actually a Government major when I entered UT! I...

  • New Year's Resolutions Check In

    It’s super rewarding to finally be following through my resolutions and seeing some cool changes. But, important disclaimer, there’s never a bad time to make positive changes! You certainly don’t need to wait until next January 1 st to do something different. As long as you’re ready to try something new, go for it!

  • The Meaning of Peace Corps Week

    The Meaning of ‘Peace Corps Week’ The Peace Corps is a “service opportunity for motivated change-makers to immerse themselves in a...

  • Weekend Plans in ATX

    Weekend Plans in ATX Whether you’re bored of the West Campus lifestyle or you’re looking for something to do on a Saturday morning, we’ve...

  • 5 Best Austin Coffee Spots

    5 Best Austin Coffee Spots With midterms in full bloom and the PCL packed to the brim it may be time for you to branch out of the 40 acres...

  • What Kids Can Teach Us about Being an Adult

    Of course, pay your rent on time, fold your laundry, and go grocery shopping. Whether we like it or not, this adult thing is happening. But if you can hold onto the kid in you – savoring the new, having fun, laughing and loving – life will be so much sunnier.

  • Meet Campus Leader: Amanda Booth

    My Jewish identity is deeply intertwined with my relationship with Israel. Israel inspires me to act on my Jewish values, and J Street is my way of holding a state I love accountable for its actions in a way that is both patriotic and critical.

  • Penciling in the Past

    Penciling In the Past: Reviving an Old Hobby When I was in preschool, I refused to do art projects. When our teacher asked us to draw...

  • Meet Chase Diamond

    A Girls First Time in Austin: Meet Chase Dimond HC: What is it like going to school at the University of Arkansas? Chase: “ It is very...

  • In Honor of My Grandmother

    In Honor of My Grandmother By: Aria Nicolai While making dinner with my Dad, I like to ask him to tell me stories about my Italian...

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