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5 Weight-Neutral Fitness Trackers To Use On Your Movement Journey

Bestie, forget about the numbers and the countdown to your “hot girl summer” because it’s already here, and you’re already killing it. ICYMI, fitness isn’t about fitting into a certain size or shape — it’s about feeling strong, confident, and empowered. So, it’s time to change the game and track fitness in a whole new way with these weight-neutral workout journals that you can pride yourself on.

Consider this your reminder that movement is not a destination — it’s all about embracing your unique journey every step of the way. Did you conquer a new yoga pose? Crush a personal best in your morning run? Or simply find joy in moving your body? Every milestone matters, both physically and mentally. When you focus on feeling good, the rest falls into place naturally, especially with some great guidance to help along the way.

These five weight-neutral workout journals and fitness trackers seriously prioritize holistic health, focusing on how you feel rather than how much you weigh or how many inches you’ve lost. Instead of weight and measurement pages, these journals encourage you to log your workouts, track your mood, and celebrate your achievements, big or small.

Printable Body Positive Fitness Tracker ($3)

Whether you’re craving the structure of a calendar or the flexibility of a planner, this 14-page printable PDF fitness planner is your perfect companion. This Etsy digital download is your ultimate guide to embracing self-love and celebrating your body every step of the way. With each page adorned with empowering body-positive statements and fun gym challenges, so you’ll find yourself motivated and inspired to absolutely crush your fitness goals.

Ban.DO Wellness Workbook ($18)

Feel your best with the Ban.do Feel Your Best personal growth workbook. With over 280 pages, your summer will be seriously stacked with daily check-ins and mindfulness exercises. Dive into more than 100 goals dedicated to exploring your passions, taking action, and finding moments of pure relaxation. Another cool addition is that all of the pages have a perforated edge that easily tears away if you want to truly be free of your worries and let them go.

Papier Wonder Wellness Journal ($30)

Covering a transformative wellness journey over 12 weeks, the Papier Wonder Journal is the perfect companion for reflecting on your body, mind, and soul. With thoughtful check-ins, empowering intentions, and creative mapping exercises, this journal becomes your personal coach, guiding you toward a more balanced and fulfilled life, encompassing your goals, habits, meals, and everything you’re grateful for.

The Weight-Neutral Movement Tracker

This movement tracker allows you to track your workouts, without having to track your weight and measurements. Complete with periodic check-ins, wellness quotes, and more, this journal is perfect to bring to the gym, the yoga studio, or on your daily walks.

The Bodyweight Home Workout Journal ($40)

Habit Nest’s home workout journal is a 13-week fitness planner that also requires no equipment to succeed. Track your reps, set new personal records, and unleash your inner fitness legend. Get ready to sweat, shine, and slay your way to a stronger, healthier you, as this journal empowers you to crush your fitness goals, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned lifter.

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