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Bestie, These 3 Planets Are Retrograding This October

Congrats! You survived the fourth and final Mercury retrograde of 2022. After four weeks of emotional turmoil, and maybe even a visit from your ex, the troublemaking transit of the universe officially passed on Oct. 2, 2022. Additionally, Saturn and Pluto are also falling out of retrograde, ending the terrifying six planets in retrograde era.

But don’t get too comfortable, bestie: there are still four planets in retrograde until the end of October. And while they aren’t as taxing as Mercury retrograde, it’s still important to be in the know — astrologically, that is.

What planets are in retrograde October 2022?

With Mercury stationing direct on Oct. 2, Pluto leaving retrograde on Oct. 8, and Saturn’s ending on Oct. 23, three planets will be dropping out of this retrograde pattern. However, for the remainder of the month, three other planets will remain in retrograde… and another will be on its way. On Oct.30, Mars will be entering retrograde for the remainder of 2022. Shoutout to the stars for making spooky season more interesting this year.

The three planets that will be in retrograde for the entirety of October are:

Jupiter Retrograde (July 28 – November 23, 2022):

Jupiter entered retrograde on July 28, 2022, and will stay there until the end of November. In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of luck, success, and fortune. With Jupiter moving between Aries and Pisces, this transit may cause you to reevaluate your path in life. Whether it’s calling attention to something in your personal life or career, Jupiter retrograde is the time to really look at your life so far, and think about what may be setting you up, or holding you back, from success.

Uranus Retrograde (August 19, 2021 – January 22, 2023):

Entering retrograde waaaay back on Aug. 19, 2021, the Taurus retrograde is associated with upheaval and a change in finances. After all, Uranus is the planet of rebellion. On a larger scale, a Taurus retrograde often occurs in tandem with major governmental events — think about the high inflation rates, student loan debt, and the worldwide humanitarian crises (like Iran and Hurricane Ian). In our personal lives, however, this transit could mean something as simple as spending a bit more money this month or having other issues associated with security. This transit is notoriously tough, so be sure to check up on the people around you — they’ll appreciate it more than you know.

Neptune Retrograde (June 28 – December 3, 2022):

Finally, Neptune will remain in retrograde for the entirety of October, and stationing direct in early December. With Pisces retrograding in its home planet of Neptune, this retrograde calls attention to your dreams and desires. Neptune is the planet of illusions and inspirations in astrology, and this transit really brings your biggest goals to the forefront of your life, and shows you that you can achieve more than you ever thought possible. Keep that energy with you, babe! You got this!

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