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9 Sexy But Modest Halloween Costume Ideas

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Trick or treat! Halloween is just around the corner, which means we have to ask ourselves that one question yet again: What will I dress up as?! Having so many costumes to choose from can be a whole ordeal within itself, and as you search for costumes on Pinterest or TikTok, you’ll probably notice the endless amount of sexy, revealing attires to choose from: sexy police officer, sexy bunny, even sexy Nemo (yes, there is in fact a sexy Nemo costume out there). There is no judgment here at all because these are all such cute options. Realistically, I am just cold thinking about wearing these myself since I am always in sweaters, TBH.

Many Halloween costumes out there can be short and revealing, which may not be the look you’re going for if you’re planning on trick-or-treating with your younger siblings or going to a school Halloween party — (but if you are going for that, that’s totally OK, too!). But what if I told you that you can look sexy and modest at the same time this Halloween? You can totally stay warm, feel comfortable, and be a total hottie no matter what your holiday plans might be. Here are nine provocative, yet conservative costumes to rock this year’s Halloween night.

Little Red Riding Hood

Taking inspo from this iconic fairy tale character this year will surely do the trick. Little Red is all about enhancing those cottagecore vibes, and you can totally embody her look with a black corset and red tone fabrics. (Cape optional.) Top all that with steamy red lips and a hood: Breathtaking! 


Covered from neck to heel, but every piece of fabric in this costume is skin-tight! If you want to rock a sexy but modest Halloween costume, a fiery Catwoman costume is definitely the way to go this year. 

Captain America

Gear up, because you’re about to save the night with this Captain America costume. Epic and tight, this costume will cover you from neck to toe but still have you looking hot, hot, hot! 


Of course, Barbie is the way to go if you love pink. You can be a cute and modest Barbie with a pink jumpsuit and matching pink accessories. You can also opt for one of Margot Robbie’s looks from the film including Camping Barbie and Yellow Dress Barbie.

Pink Ladies

Tell me about it, stud! The Pink Ladies from the 1978 hit movie Grease are an iconic group of foxy women that you should totally bring back this Halloween. You can even tag your friends along and do a cute group costume!   


Just two words: Ruby slippers. This classy Halloween costume can work modestly as you rock a checkered blue apron cut to the knee and all the way down, a pair of bold ruby heels. Want to add something a little extra? Apply a bold red lipstick on your lips!


Going as a pirate for Halloween is yet another classic costume that always shows up on the door for treats. Dressing up as a pirate usually involves a bit of layering up, making it a bit more conservative than other costumes — but still sexy. The rag fabrics falling on your knees along with an oversized white shirt? Perfection, bestie.

hogwarts costume

You’ll definitely put a spell on someone with this Hogwarts-inspired look. Combined with academia and intrigue, this costume includes a schoolgirl skirt, tie, and knee-high socks (add a mythical cloak, if you wish). You’ll definitely be layered up (which is great for a chilly Halloween night, if you ask me), but still look sexy! 

‘20s Flapper

Get on your Great Gatsby vibes because this costume will make you wanna shimmy Halloween night away! This flapper dress from Party City is neither tight nor short, but pair this baby up with some black pantyhose, feathers, and a long smoke stick, and you’ll kill it.

Claudia Colon is an English Literature major and premed student at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. She's a National Feature Writer for Her Campus and when she isn't overwhelmed with the study of Shakespeare and chemistry formulas, you can find her watching anime, playing video games or journaling. She aspires to become an amazing doctor while never loosing sight of her love for the arts.