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Mars Is Entering Retrograde, So Here’s What You Need To Know

Oh babe, it’s about to get messy. In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus lets you know exactly what’s going on—cosmically, obvi. From zodiac signs to horoscopes to house placements, we’re here to give you your astrology fix. Today, astrologer Linda Furiate explains the upcoming Mars retrograde, when it starts, and how it will impact you.

Six planets are currently in retrograde, people are putting Nyquil on their chicken (I’m not kidding), and I need a nap. As if the cosmos wasn’t chaotic enough, on Oct. 30, the planet Mars will be entering retrograde. Yikes.

But, don’t freak out. The Mars retrograde will happen after three other planets (Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto) fall out of retrograde earlier in the month. While four planets in retrograde aren’t exactly ideal, it’s better than six, right? Retrogrades also aren’t the end of the world: they help us reevaluate certain parts of our lives, and prepare us for what’s to come later in the cosmic calendar.

Her Campus talked to one of our cosmic besties, Astrologer Linda Furiate, to learn about all things Mars retrograde: what it is, when it’s happening, and what it can mean for you.


The word “retrograde” is scary. We hear it all of the time, mostly when we talk about Mercury retrograde, and its connotation isn’t exactly the best. However — since Mars is in Gemini — this upcoming retrograde will help you in terms of communication and interpersonal relationships.

“Mars is Gemini is about movement and the desire for constant change. Gemini energy is curious and communicative, it wants to learn and connect with those in its inner circle,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “When Mars is in Gemini, this is typically an active time where we might want to socialize and/or share our thoughts. We want to travel and change direction often as we move along our path.”

But what does the planet Mars represent?

“Mars is the red planet, fourth from the Sun in our Solar system, and is associated with warrior-like qualities, assertive energies, our will, our drive, and how we initiate our desires and ambitions,” says Furiate. “In modern astrology, Mars rules the sign of Aries, whose wit is to act compulsively, courageously, and independently while eagerly willing to take the lead.”

By Mars retrograding, the universe will be calling attention to these aspects of our life: how we assert our energy, our goals, and the lengths we will go to achieve them.

When Does Mars Go Into Retrograde?

If you’re intimidated by this transit, you have some time to prepare. Mars goes retrograde on Oct. 30, 2022, at 9:26 a.m. EST. Surely, this will make Halloweekend interesting.

“Mars will stay retrograde of 80 days, turning direct on January 12, 2023,” explains Furiate. “Because of the retrograde cycle, Mars will remain in the sign of Gemini for nearly 8 months. This is about 4 times longer than its usual approximately 2 months.”

How Will Mars Retrograde Affect Me?

Mars retrograde will impact everyone differently depending on their zodiac sign and other placements in their birth chart — specifically where Mars falls in their house placements. The best way to figure this out is to use a natal chart calculator and identify the house that Mars lives in.

Once you find out the house your Mars is in, here’s how this cosmic transit will impact you:


Your first house is where your rising sign lives. This is how you appear outwardly to the world: your attitudes, aesthetics, and appearances. If Mars is in your first house, consider this a time to reflect on your outward behavior… and maybe even your looks, too.

During Mars retrograde, Furiate suggests this placement to “reconsider a way to enhance your physical appearance.” You know the saying: if you look good, you feel good!


If Mars falls in your second house of internal identity, money, and values. During this retrograde, the universe will be calling attention to this aspect of your life a little more than usual.

“Try to focus on ways to reclaim your personal value and re-build your savings account or net worth,” Furiate suggests. Look into budgeting apps, or maybe invest in some self-care to build up that self-esteem. You deserve it.


Your third house is all about communication — and also your siblings. So, if your Mars lives here, consider this to be a time of healing, learning, and bonding when it comes to a sibling or close friend.

Furiate has a few suggestions for people with this placement: “Consider enrolling in an educational or learning program, or work out a difference you may have with a sibling.”


If Mars falls in your fourth house of family and home, the spotlight will be on this intimate section of your personal life. However, this will be extremely beneficial, and things may change for the better in terms of family and matters of the home.

“Check in with your family more often during this time, and maybe even take a family weekend vacay,” Furiate suggests. “You can also clear out the space where you study most often when you’re at home.”


Mars in your fifth house puts the focus on pleasure, joy, and your “inner child.” During retrograde, this is the time to take a step back from work and other adult-related stresors, and make some time for yourself.

“Give yourself permission to slow down and have more playtime,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “Take a second chance on love, yet release expectations.”


The sixth house is all about routine. If Mars lives here, it may be time to reevaluate your personal routine to build healthier and more sustainable habits.

“During this time, break an old habit or start a new, healthier one,” Furiate suggests.


Mars in the seventh house puts the spotlight on your relationships. During Mars retrograde, you may be feeling a bit more nostalgic than usual.

During this time, Furiate suggests you to “reconnect with an old friend or partner you lost touch with to take a stroll down memory lane.”


Oh, the notorious eighth house. Typically representing renewal, death, and sex, this placement is a famously mysterious one. However, it also represents deeper thinking — especially when it comes to your personal matters.

“This retrograde may cause you to take a step inward to understand what drives your passionate nature for life,” Furiate tells Her Campus. Embrace the reflection!


Your ninth house covers all things travel and higher education. During retrograde, you may have the pull to explore both of these things in pursuit of your psyche.

“Rethink or re-enroll in an advanced studies program to obtain a post-graduate degree,” Furiate says. “Or, consider planning a trip abroad.”


If Mars is in your tenth house of career, expect to feel more focused and ambitious than ever.

“Reapply for a job or internship that may further your aspirations,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “This is a good time to be seen in a different light where you might have been overlooked before.”

Mars In The 11th HOUSE:

Community is the main characteristic of the 11th house. With your Mars in this house, you may feel more inclined to connect with those around you — which is always a good thing!

“Form a study group with like-minded friends, students, or colleagues to develop a new app or technical project,” Furiate suggests.

Mars In The 12th HOUSE:

Finally, those with a 12th house Mars placement may be feeling a little more spiritual nowadays. Psychic, even!

“Regain your trust and faith that, no matter what crazy stuff will go on in the past 80 days, this too shall pass,” Furiate tells Her Campus. “Try not to overthink or over-feel.”

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