The Real Reasons College Girls Work Out

This post shares results from our Complete College Life Survey Series where we collected over 10,000 responses from women at 300+ colleges.  Check out even more of the results here.

Despite our busy schedules, college women are still finding the time to make it to the gym, with more than a full fourth of them working out 3-6 times per week.  Less than 10% of college women report never working out.  Cardio reigns supreme for collegiettes’ gym routines, with 74% getting their sweat on this way, with weightlifting, yoga, and running as the next most popular activities, with over a third of college women getting on board.

Most college women are trekking to the campus gym to work out, with many also working out in their dorm rooms or getting their heart rate up by exercising outside.  Still, 17% of college women belong to an off-campus gym, and 14% pay for classes at specialty fitness studios.

Given collegiettes’ sleep schedules, it makes sense that most are hitting the gym late at night, with a full third reporting they make time for evening workouts.  A quarter of collegiettes work out in the afternoon after class, while 19% do get themselves out of bed in time for a morning workout.

Encouragingly, college women’s number one reason for working out is “to be healthy”, though “to look better” and “to lose weight” come in second and third. 

Infographic by Natasha Bonfield

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