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I am guilty of being a serial New Year’s resolution failure. The only resolution I have ever kept was to start a blog. This year, I am using five fitness apps to keep my resolution to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

One of my worries is I will never commit to a healthy lifestyle and will have health issues in the future. Diabetes and dementia run in my family. Therefore, I know I have to begin to make healthier choices now to create habits for the future. In the new year, I want to stick to a healthier food plan. I am fortunate enough to try out Jenny Craig for the first couple of weeks of the new year to kickstart my resolution.

In terms of being healthier, I want to shed a few pounds, get some more sleep and fuel my body with better nutrients. With the following five fitness apps, I feel confident that I will have a chance to fulfill my goals. These are the apps you should be downloading NOW:


This is a free calorie counter app, but if you purchase the upgrade it is much more than that. I made the decision to upgrade this past month, and I am loving it. With the basic plan, you get to count calories, track water and steps, and log workouts. However, with the upgraded plan, you get to take the diet plan test. The test will then show you the best diet to fit your needs. The tracker will then become a counter for your specific diet. For example, I was put on the keto diet. My tracker is now focused on my fat intake, and for every meal that matches my macronutrient needs, I get a smiley icon. You also get access to recipes that fit your diet. I also love this app because it has the best water tracker that I have used.


This is my all time favorite run/walk tracking app! My first favorite thing is that it works with Spotify to play music when you move! I love Spotify’s custom running playlist because it keeps the tempo going. Second, I love how it tell you the miles and time of your activity aloud. I have gone on walks with friends, and I keep it on loud to make sure we aren’t talking too much to slow us down. Plus, when I have headphones in on my own, I never have a reason to check my phone. Also, it tells you an overview of your workout and keeps track of your goals.

I am trying to walk more in 2017. I am moving houses at the end of the month, and I will live near a park, so hopefully my Runkeeper will be full of activity.

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