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Cutie – Jordan Nichols

Name: Jordan Nicholas Age: 20 Relationship status: Single Course your studying: Media & International Communication What are your...

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Celebrity – Hind Alqinai

1) Name: Hind Alqinai 2) Age: 20 3) What are you studying? English Literature and Media Studies 4) What is VibezWithUs about? VibezWithUs...

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The Life of a CEO

The celebrity life seems like a lifestyle everyone wants, but it’s not all fun and games - it's hard work and involves a lot of...

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The Skirt of the Season

The Midi Skirt Most girls will forever be under pressure to look good on a night out, whether they are dressing to impress others,...

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The Magic of Green Tea

How often do you drink green tea? Not too often? Not at all? Well, here’s why you should drop everything and go out to grab a box of green...

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Campus Cutie: Darren Bentra

Name: Darren Bentra Age: 20 Studying: Journalism Relationship Status: Single Hobbies: Banking and stockbroking Favourite colour: Black...