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Cutie – Jordan Nichols

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at London Met chapter.

Name: Jordan Nicholas

Age: 20

Relationship status: Single

Course your studying: Media & International Communication

What are your hobbies: Going out with friends/family and video games

Do you work/where: No/ currently job hunting

Favourite singer: Jamie Foxx

Last thing you watched in the cinema: Robocop

Who is your inspiration: My Mum & Dad

What is your dream for the Future: My dream for the future would have to be achieving my goals and overall being happy.

How did you spend Valentines day: Spent the day with my mum

Hi!My name is Norresa Perucho and I am a 3rd year journalism student at London Metropolitan University, working part time as a receptionist at a health club in a 4* hotel in West London.I own my own blog known as rawpetiteness.wordpress.com and I am also a Campus Correspondent for U.S. based website known asHer Campus, in which I am the editor of the London Met page.My family are from The Philippines but I am a native English speaker which has helped me to further develop my passion in writing and journalism.I have journalism work experience at Gay Times, Women’s Health UK, Surrey Herald Newspapers and Fil-Event.com.I also have a 2 year experience as an event manager for a dance competition known as the, ‘FYF Dance Competition’ where I managed a group of volunteers, learnt about time management and the group work.I have also experience a security guard at the London Olympics 2012, Wimbledon site as an X-Ray Scanner, bag searcher and body searcher.I love going out to eat, shopping and watching films in the cinema. I also love summer beach holidays. I hate the cold, the rain and nearly all sorts of vegetables... well: onions, garlic, ginger, eww.  I also love the sound of my own voice!A selfie-fanatic, and busting dance moves in front of the mirror, I love to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.You’re most likely to find me stuffing my face with burgers and steaks!Contact me on: Norresaperucho@live.com & @rawpetiteness  HCXO