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How often do you drink green tea? Not too often? Not at all? Well, here’s why you should drop everything and go out to grab a box of green!

Let’s face it, we all love the sun and can go a bit crazy with the amount of time we spend trying to catch a bronze tan. Some care to use sunscreen and some are far too interested in trying to get as dark as possible (though this can sometimes result in serious skin damage).

So what does green tea have to do with the sun? Green tea contains natural antioxidants, which help to block the growth of skin cancer cells. Recent studies show that green tea is so awesome that it’s being used in a cream that blocks skin cancer. 

Of course, this isn’t enough ... Who wouldn’t want a beach bod to compliment the green tea armour? Yes, green tea does help burn fat! The antioxidant effect plays a role in a well–functioning liver and, as a result, speeds up the metabolic rate! It is also proven that people who drink green tea three times a day burn 200 calories. Imagine that -- burning calories whilst you’re sat in front of the television!

Along with this, green tea guards against hepatitis, helps to lower blood pressure, protects against diabetes and heart disease and prevents bad breath – win!

As bitter, boring and bland as green tea can taste, let’s be honest; the benefits are well worth it. If that is a struggle, go out and get a box of Twinings, which has a whole variety of fruity flavours, but above all, do remember that beauty is pain -- and no pain no gain!

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