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sad young woman laying by boxes
Her Campus at Elon Healing Is Not Linear

To anybody struggling, anyone feeling stuck, don’t be so hard on yourself. You are strong enough to keep going. And you are capable of greatness. 

waterfall and trees
Her Campus at Augustana A Guide to Letting Go

Life wouldn’t be what it is without stress, complications, and ups-and-downs.  It’s too easy for someone to fall into a constant spiral of being upset and depressed, and the...

a table with letters and a candle
Her Campus at TAMU Of the million places

Of the million places where I could now be,I still choose this river I tend to fill with tears.Of the million smiles that now flood the town,You never noticed...

couple hugging
Her Campus at UK The Art of Letting Go

In a week, my older brother is moving halfway across the globe for a job opportunity and I’m not sure how to cope with the situation...