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low-depth of field photo of person holding navy stilletos
OU Fest Season Attire

When you say fest to most people, their first thoughts vary from Coachella to Bonnaroo to Tomorrowland. When you say fest to OU kids, it...

three men carrying persons in the middle of the crowd
Top 5 Themed Parties

Everyone loves a good themed party! It’s important to make your theme fun, yet easy enough that people will actually dress up. Here are...

crowd of people raising their hands
Fabulous Freshman: Samiyah Gaddy

Check out this week’s Fabulous Freshman! This brown sugar spice is Samiyah Gaddy, a Strategic Communications major from Plainfield, New...

medieval architecture building with grass courtyard
How to Wear a Spirit Jersey

Recently, the spirit jersey trend has taken the Georgia College campus by storm. A spirit jersey by definition is an oversized shirt that...