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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

I was scrolling through TikTok recently, and every now and then, I would see videos of American men throwing on a soccer jersey and calling it an outfit. I thought nothing of it until I read through the comments of anonymous people congratulating them on discovering a new style. 

I had to pause for a moment and wonder if this was sarcasm or not. Turns out, this is something labeled as “blokecore.” As a girl who grew up in England, a soccer jersey was something I would see every single day; from babies to the elderly, I never considered labeling it as a fashion trend, but that has changed since seeing this new term. 

Sports Girl Soccer Player
Tiffany Meh / Spoon

Apparently, I am a little late to this fad, as conversations about it started in May. But, it is no coincidence that this trend has popped up on my for your page, prepping for the 2022 World Cup. The style exudes a sense of nostalgia for the late 90s soccer culture exhibited in Britain. It shows us the direction most male fashion is going: normalizing dressing down. These outfits can be worn by anyone easily. It is not much of an investment, especially if you are a genuine soccer fan. It’s an inclusive trend that also promotes your team’s pride. 

I also enjoy the inclusivity location-wise. The trend is a twist on the British lad look. Still, I have seen the most prominent spokespeople for this trend being American, and I’ve also seen a couple of Aussies representing their favorite Premier League team. I have already started looking at jerseys on eBay from my favorite team so that I can catch up on this trend. 

Sports Boys Soccer Chasing For Ball
Tiffany Meh / Spoon

It’s been around for ages as well, which I love; it’s just like people who have always had those classic Ugg boots in the back of their closet, and now they can wear them with pride since they have been marked as trendy after Bella Hadid wore them on the street. The outfits Gen Z teens wear always end up with a vintage or light-washed soccer jersey, some jeans — usually a wider leg cut — and some sneakers. Because there has also been a resurgence of the Adidas Sambas, these seem to be commonly paired with the outfit.

Increasing the inclusivity of these up-and-coming fashion trends will allow everyone to feel comfortable keeping up to date with the latest new thing without feeling guilty about their financial state. 

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Originally from Brighton, England but curently living in San Francisco and attending Boston University (Class of 2026)