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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IU chapter.

Everyone loves a good themed party! It’s important to make your theme fun, yet easy enough that people will actually dress up. Here are five excitingly easy themes to make your next party a success!

1. Jersey. Almost everyone has been to one of these and it’s an easy way to pretend that you’re athletic. Girls can easily dress up for this because all you’ll wear is a jersey as dress. Who wants to wear pants anyway, right?

2. High School Stereotypes. Whether you were a jock, nerd, goth, or anything in between you’ll love this party. In college everyone is much less cliquey, so why not celebrate our awkward years?

3. Hawaiian/Beach. My personal favorite theme! Hawaiian parties make for the perfect darty. Whether you wear a Hawaiian shirt, bikini top and shorts, or a grass skirt you’ll look amazing. The bright beachy colors make everyone look tanner! And who doesn’t want that?

4. Dress to Impress. This party brings out your inner Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. Wear your best dress and heels. You’ll look amazing and might catch the eye of your prince charming!

5. Paint Party. Number 1 rule of a paint party is to keep your phone in a Ziploc bag! No one wants to find out the next morning that your phone has been ruined. Wearing an oversized white t-shirt is the most common outfit. It really makes the paint standout!

Remember to always have fun with your squad at every theme party! CHEERS!

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