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Lessons Learned From Jersey Shore Family Vacation

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.


It feels as though I’ve been waiting my whole life for Jerzday Thursdays to grace my TV screen once again; for the past six years, there’s been an empty void in my heart. However, it’s full once again, because my favorite group of roommates has finally returned to MTV. It seems like just yesterday that we watched Snooki erroneously search for the beach and watched Mike try to fight a wall. The sound of Sammi yelling “RAHN STAAHP” still burns in my ears as though she just said them. Since the days when the gang first graced the boardwalk of Seaside, many things have changed – but they are still a tight-knit group of pals who are bit more sage and have some wisdom to offer us.

Here’s a list of what I learned from Jersey Shore Family Vacation:

1. How to build the beat at the club.
2. To start ordering cabs instead of Ubers.

3. If you don’t pay your taxes, you could go to jail.

4. Some things really don’t change over the years because Deena still loves her “Meatball Time.”

5. Your friends will be there for you until the very end.

6. Packing your hair products for a vacation is essential.

7. Certain dance moves that are sure fire will help you win a dance battle.

8. Even as a parent, you still need time to hang out with your friends.

9. Everyone should have a duck phone landline in their house.

10. There’s no better feeling than reuniting with friends.

Thank you to the Jersey Shore crew for keeping me entertained over the years, teaching me how to GTL, fist-pump and bond with friends. I look forward to the myriad of lessons you continue to teach me in the upcoming seasons of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.  


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