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Go Team Go: The Rising Trend of Sorority Jerseys

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePauw chapter.


Go team go! Sororities are always looking for new ways to represent their chapter. There’s a variety of apparel that they create but one of the biggest trends right now is jerseys. There are different ways that we see chapters create the jersey look with chapters creating their own unique jersey and others replicating a sports teams’ design. Jerseys provide a comfortable way for girls to show off their pride for their sorority. So why are jerseys so popular with college sorority girls?

Jerseys create a different image for girls in sororities, making them feel and look sportier for their college life. Day or night, there are many places that jerseys can be worn in college. In my experience I have seen different chapters create their own jerseys for special events happening on campus. Little 5 is a prime example of jersey wearing because of the sportiness of the event.  To create their jerseys, many take their prime house colors and sorority name to add a personal touch to their product. I think that this is very popular for girls because while it allows them to represent their own chapter, it is very comfortable to wear at the same time. It is really easy to throw on a jersey and some shorts to go out rather than having the hassle of choosing a fancy outfit. Most of us change our outfits at least five times before deciding on the “right” one and wearing a jersey can eliminate this dilemma.

They look great during the day events especially during the nice weather with things like tailgates. Jerseys provide an alternative to the usual frat tanks or pastel t-shirts. Different styles of jerseys can be used as well. I have seen football, baseball, basketball and the ever so popular, hockey jerseys that are worn.  Personally, I think jerseys are a great option for sororities because it creates a team unity within the chapter. With all the members wearing the jerseys there is a sense of pride that is exhibited and brings together a group of girls that cheer each member on through their college career!

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