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Fashion I’m Falling for this Fall

It's time to put away the white jeans now that Labor Day has passed! Along with the crop tops, flip flops, and bathing suits that are going...

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Style Blog: The Guy’s Side

Brendan Shefcik, a junior at Carroll, is getting a Bachelor's in style with this laid-back and sophisticated get-up. Black slacks and black...

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2014 Spring Campus Trends

There are some serious trends circling around that are in dire need of being addressed! First of all, tennis skirts have officially taken...

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So You Stole His Clothes?

Don’t lie you know you’ve thought of stealing a boy's clothes. Whether he was your date at prom and you were hoping he would lend you his...

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Fashionista: Sara Sanchez

Sara Sanchez, who is an English Writing and Rhetoric major, sports a look that has quickly become a closet staple. Two days after Austin's...