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Something Borrowed From the Boys

Even though it may be difficult to admit it, men have finally given us girls something to be thankful for. Thanks to a lot of classic male fashion staples, our closets just got a whole lot trendier. Whether it’s the timeless button down or Oxford loafer, girls everywhere are maximizing on some chic, men-inspired pieces and giving them a feminine twist. Here are some articles of clothing that you should definitely borrow from the boys this spring if you haven’t already!

1. The Button Down

The classic button down is a staple in men’s fashion, but it is definitely a huge part of women’s wear as well.  Buttoning it all the way to the top with a cute pair of jeans and a statement necklace or leaving some extra buttons open to allow in some air are just two ways to wear it.  This piece is so versatile that you can wear it for any occasion, including an interview, a  luncheon, and even for a night out, pairing it with a cute pencil skirt and pumps.

2. Cropped Trouser

The cropped trouser is extremely popular this season, especially those with printed designs.  To make it more feminine, try to veer away from the traditional men’s colors (black, navy, khaki) and instead go for a funky and bold pattern to make a statement.  

3. Oxford Loafer

It’s a classy addition to men’s fashion and perfect for spring. The Oxford loafer has slowly made its way onto the feet of fashionistas everywhere. Pair this stylish shoe with a flowy skirt, shors (or skants?), cuffed jeans or a dress and your look will automatically look fashion forward.  

4. Sneakers

Men’s gym sneakers are one of the up and coming street style crazes.  Debuting themselves on all of the fashion blogs, women are taking over this trend and we shouldn’t complain!  Who wouldn’t want an excuse to wear comfy, yet cute shoes every day?

5. Flannel

Flannels have been in the books for a while and are definitely unisex.  Available in all different colors and styles, these are an awesome layering piece to throw over a dress or just tuck into a pair of jeans.

6. Bomber Jackets

As the temperatures start to rise, there is definitely still a chill in the air that makes knowing what jacket to wear a little difficult.  Now, instead of struggling to find a coat that’s not too warm and not too light, look no further than the men’s bomber jacket.  With a super, sleek collar and easy zip-up front, this jacket is perfect to complement any spring outfit you have in mind.  

7. Chelsea Boot

Last but not least, the Chelsea boot is making headlines, especially in street style.  This ankle boot was made for men, but women have recently dominated the look.  They come in a variety of colors and materials like patent leather, which makes them perfect for April showers as well as the spring temperatures we’ve been patiently waiting for!