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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD chapter.

Don’t lie you know you’ve thought of stealing a boy’s clothes. Whether he was your date at prom and you were hoping he would lend you his blazer, or that night you went out with friends and stole a cute boy’s snapback to take a few pictures, we’ve all been there. Well, this article is for the girls who got away with it. From his favorite t-shirt, to his button down, his jacket or tie, my stylish roommate Maddie and I are going to share with you how you can wear all of his clothes outside of the house. Who knows, you might even have a “who wore it best moment” and girl, it better be you.




Blazer, button down and tie, what can we say? We like to do the MOST. If you want to combine multiple menswear pieces together, like above, heels help add a touch a femininity to your outfit. Believe me, you still look fierce. If you decide to pull back your hair make sure you are wearing earrings. Black skinny jeans, or cropped fitted pants also help soften this look.



Outfit Details: Armani Collection blazer, J.Crew button down, J.Crew pants, Hèrmes tie, Jessica Simpson heels (yes, sometimes she makes cute stuff!), Michael Kors watch



For our second look, we’re focusing on the classic button down. If you have a long enough button down (that covers all the important parts) ladies, listen up. This look only works if you have bloomers or some type of shorts to wear underneath. Leave a few buttons un-done at the top as well. Throw on a tie and loosen it a bit, as this outfit would look awkward with it tightened all the way. Combat boots, Doc Martens or any type of shoes that lace up and are similar to these styles can be worn with a button down. The over the ankle socks clean up the outfit; opt for something with a neutral color, especially if the tie and button down are two distinct colors. 


Outfit Details: Ralph Lauren button down, Hèrmes tie, Nike socks, Doc Martens, David Yurman bracelets, Emporio Armani watch



Boy’s t-shirts happen to be my favorite thing to throw on when I feel like I have nothing else to wear. They’re comfy, and with a little bit of makeup and some accessorizing you look like planned your outfit out in advance. Here, we really dressed it up. We paired our favorite mens Marc Jacobs Playboy edition t-shirt with a leather skirt and heels. For this look, any bandage skirt or textured skirt will do. Don’t forget the tie either, adding it as a final yet major detail to this outfit ties everything, from the pattern on the shoes to the color of the shirt together. No pun intended. 


Outfit Details: Marc Jacobs t-shirt, Hèrmes tie, Nordstrom leather skirt, Zara heels, J.Crew and David Yurman bracelets, Rolex



Big thanks to Maddie for modeling all of the menswear featured and for styling the outfits. If you’d like to see her portoflio check out http://www.behance.net/madeleinemivey.


Thank you to the lovely Abby for shooting these looks in the studio, if you’d like to see more of her photography check out http://www.behance.net/AbigailFenton.

Student at the Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management with a minor in writing. Shoe enthusiast with a deep rooted love for Alexander Wang. Contact: ashleynrosales@gmail.com Instagram/Twitter: @smvshed www.smashedavocados.com