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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.


There are some serious trends circling around that are in dire need of being addressed!

First of all, tennis skirts have officially taken over here at KU, unless the women’s tennis team has decided to draft a few extra hundred people. This style has been spotted at campuses like Mizzou and Drake University and has finally made its way to Kansas. Girls are matching them with simple tees and tanks to give a bit of an extra spin to their simple attire.

Leggings are still going strong on campus, thank goodness! There are some days when jeans just aren’t an option- you know, the days between Monday and Sunday. Keep the lovely leggings, please!

Next we’ve got lightweight plaid shirts that are becoming more of a “thing,” with a few options on how to rock them besides the obvious fashion of buttoned up with some jeans. Next time you want to wear a plaid shirt, try unbuttoning it and throwing a graphic tee or plain tank underneath. A style that has definitely emerged is tying your plaid around your high-waisted shorts- for an extra hipster-spin, go with a cute messy bun style for your hair.

Finally… sun dresses, which are, I think, the favorite style to rock when walking around campus. You don’t have to match a shirt with some pants or leggings, and what’s even better is that you don’t have to wear any pants. Stock up on the dresses that have pockets and you never knew the difference. Plus, you look nice and presentable when going to classes or to make some awesome first impressions without anyone ever knowing that, in reality, you’re just casually hiding your inner-slob.

Spanish major at the University of Kansas & Harry Potter enthusiast, writer, teaching counselor for CLO.