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Why You Should Try The Barre Code

Looking to try a new workout that’s fun, but also shows real results? We’ve found your new obsession. The Barre Code on West Washington St. in Madison is the perfect place to workout and de-stress and get endorphins to boost your mood.

When you walk into The Barre Code, you are immediately met with a space that screams “body positivity” and “girl power.” What more could you want from a workout place? The lobby has work out clothes and accessories for sale, and they feature barre-related puns and empowering quotes. There are large mirrors inside workout room; but beyond that, there are even more inspiring quotes that will push you during your workout.

You can take classes of different vibe based on your mood and the level of workout you want. You can choose from their original cardio barre class, a boot camp style class, a cardio kickboxing style class  — or my favorite, the BarRestore class, which features half an hour of cardio barre and 20 minutes of stretching with dim lighting and candles. BarRestore is perfect if you’re new to barre or if want to focus more on wellness rather than straight cardio. It’s still a great workout, and it will leave you wanting to spring clean your life.

If you get sweaty during your workout — which you will — they even have deodorant and hair products with which you can use to freshen up before you leave. Next time you’re looking for a workout that’s both effective and inspirational, check out The Barre Code.