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Ways To Stay Motivated To Go To The Gym

With the summer months quickly approaching, it’s only a matter of time for many of us to look at our bodies in the mirror and wish we hadn’t been hiding behind our clothes all winter. With that being said, it’s time to get going and get yourself motivated for that summer bod. Feeling lazy and unmotivated? Here are some tips to start your day right, and truly be motivated to get up and workout!

1. Wake Up Early

Getting an early start of your day makes you feel like you have more time to go to the gym and do whatever else you have to do. Getting up early will also probably make you more tired, so you’ll end up going to bed earlier too.

2. Start Your Day With A Drink

And I don’t mean alcohol… Have a green tea or coffee to get yourself up in the morning. They both contain caffeine that will hopefully help you on those early mornings. On the plus side, green tea makes your metabolism speed up!

3. Stay on a Healthy Diet

The best way to keep up with your workouts is to keep up with your healthy diet, that way you feel accomplished both ways! Check out Recipes for the Healthy and Hungry Soul

4. Don’t Push Yourself to a Breaking Point

Know your limits and what you’re capable of. Only do what you can, and if you’re tired one day it’s okay! You always have tomorrow.

5. Work Out with a Friend

Friends are great motivators. Not only do they have your best interest and want you to succeed, it’s also fun to have a bit of friendly competition. Who can run the fastest? Who can do the most squats?

6. Work Out Outside

As the weather gets nicer we all have more of an urge to be outside. So why not combine both working out and being outside?

7. Don’t Reward Yourself with Food

Rewarding yourself with food will just take you back 5 steps of what you’ve already accomplished. Once you start seeing a difference, reward yourself with those jeans you’ve been trying to fit into.

8. Make Yourself Goals

At the beginning of each week make yourself small goals. Like how many times you’re going to go to the gym that week, etc. While you’re at it make yourself larger goals as well, where you want to be 6 months or a year from now.

9. Buy New Workout Clothes

This is my favourite motivator for going to the gym. What better way to get yourself ready for the gym than buying a really cute workout outfit. You can’t just wear it for nothing you have to work out.

10. Make a Workout Playlist

Thinking of all the music you wish you could be listening to at the gym? Plan ahead of time and make yourself a workout playlist. This will make you run harder, better and faster than ever before.

11. Seeing Progress

And the best motivator of all is seeing progress on yourself. Once you notice this you’ll only have to keep going. You can do this!

Jess is a current student at The University of Western Ontario in her third year majoring in media information and technoculture. She is an aspiring writer who loves to travel and loves her dog Teddy.
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