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Recently, I went to Goat Yoga hosted by Giddy Up N’ Go Ponies in Clinton, Ontario.

Goat Yoga is exactly what you think it is: yoga, but with goats.

Seriously, this new yoga trend is just like a regular yoga practice, but with the added fun of goats running around while you stretch.

When I arrived, I got settled in just like a regular yoga class: I picked my spot, unrolled my mat, and waited for the class to begin. However, when the class started, a cage opened up and out ran four little pygmy goats. I’ve never seen a pygmy goat before, and was surprised to find out that some of the goats were already fully grown despite being so small.

I really commend the yoga instructor for trying to hold a regular yoga class, since it was nearly impossible to focus on your practice with little goats running around everywhere. Still, we pushed through and I actually got a pretty good stretch in.

The instructor used a bunch of positions that the goats liked. Apparently, the goats react differently to the energy levels created by different poses. We ended up doing a lot of plank pose, table top, and downward dog. Sure enough, the poses had the goats running around the room and visiting each yogini multiple times. My favourite part was having a goat jump up on my back while I was in tabletop position. The goats were so friendly and loved interacting with everyone in the class.

Overall, I would do goat yoga again, but I wouldn’t let it replace my regular yoga practice. I felt like the goats created an entirely new, playful atmosphere that I’ve never experienced while doing yoga before. The class was less about focusing on your own intentions, and more about trying to position yourself in a way that you could see what the goats were doing while attempting to follow the instructor at the same time.

It was silly, heartwarming, and totally worth it.

When it was over I felt less stressed out than I usually do, but not quite as relaxed as I do after a normal yoga session. However, my cheeks were warm from smiling and laughing, which I had never experienced in regular yoga!

Was it the best yoga practice I’ve ever done? No. Was it the most fun yoga class? 100 percent yes.

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