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Mental Health

8 Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress

1. Draw or Color

If you aren’t the most artistically inclined you can still relax and calm yourself by coloring in and coloring book. I sketch to relieve stress because art is a passion of mine, and if you used to draw and just don’t anymore, it’s not something that completely goes away. You can only improve so go ahead and try!

2. Cook

If you’re stressed out it is very likely that you haven’t eaten a home cooked meal in a long time. So, being simple enough make quesadillas. All you need is ground turkey, taco seasoning, shredded cheese, Velveeta cheese, black beans, vegetable oil, and tortilla shells. Cook the ground turkey, cook in the seasoning, then mix the beans, cheese, and meat, and more seasonings if you wish (which I do). Pour your filling onto a tortilla shell put another on top (you can add shredded cheese here if you want), then pour a capful of oil onto a heated skillet. Cook your tortillas and enjoy!

3. Dance

Dancing is very therapeutic, dancing is an expression of outward happiness. Turn on some music and dance like no one is watching you. Have fun and let loose you don’t have to be good at dancing at all, but still, do it.

4. Sing

Music can directly affect your mood. That is twice as effective when you’re the person singing it. So next time you’re feeling down put on your favorite song and sing as loudly and terribly as you want.

5. Watch Beyonce videos

I promise watching a queen slay is therapeutic because it makes you sing and dance and smile, so if you haven’t heard Beyonce’s newest album check it out because it did not get its proper acknowledgment. 

6. Make Tea

I shouldn’t have to tell you about all the healing properties tea has, but it’s good for you. Drink a cup when you’re feeling stressed because of the process of making a cup of tea is a relaxing experience as well.

7. Crochet or Knit

I crochet and my roommate knits, just think if you start now you can own all the other old ladies when you retire and you all are making scarves for your grandchildren. Plus it’s relaxing, although frustrating to learn at first.

8. Take a bubble bath

Relax and draw yourself a bath. Put some essential oils or bath salts in the water and relax with a molten lava bath.

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