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Woman sitting alone on beach
Her Campus at UCSD The Beauty of Being Alone

If there’s anything I’ve learned this last year it’s that sometimes being alone is something to appreciate and enjoy. The pandemic saw almost everyone become home-bodies: once the outside...

Girl is a white dress and blue sweater with clouds is looking down towards camera smiling. There is an animated/drawn sun in the sky.
Her Campus at Valdosta You are good enough!

Hello beautiful humans! As we all know, we have faced one of the most terrifying things that a college student can face. That is the gut-wrenching midterm exams.  Midterm...

tiktok app on phone
Her Campus at Denison Why I Quit TikTok

It seems like everyone, their mother, and their cat are using Tiktok these days, but while I used to, I don’t anymore, for multiple reasons. Here’s a recounting of...

social media iPhone photo
Her Campus at GCU The Effects of Social Media

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, and even applications like LinkedIn run the world of communication and social interaction. There are points to be argued for and against the...