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My Favourite Places to Find Fitness Inspiration

With summer approaching, many people are probably trying to muster the motivation to get back into a workout routine, or maybe even to spice up a boring gym routine that is getting hard to stick with. In the past, I have used these motivational slumps as the perfect time to search for alternate sources to try and incorporate new and exciting workouts into my personal fitness routine. Below are three of my favourite places to find fitness inspiration; maybe trying one of these out will also give you the boost you’re looking for!

1.     Instagram

Instagram is flooded with health and fitness accounts, and they can be a great way to expand your inventory of workout routines. A few accounts I love to follow are @syd_progress, @savwright_, and @leanneliveshealthy; they provide me with an abundance of variety in both workout options and healthy recipes, so I’m always checking their feeds when looking for inspiration.

2.     Nike Training App

The Nike Training app is my go-to when I’m doing an at-home workout instead of going to the gym. This free app allows you to find a workout by selecting the body area you are looking to target, the workout type (strength, yoga, etc.), and the equipment you have available. I don’t personally have workout equipment at home, but I’ve still found tons of workouts at varying difficulty levels! If you’re interested in finding a tailored guide to base your workouts off of, Nike Training is a great place to start.

3.     Free classes offered at the gym

The gym I go to offers a selection of free classes on various dates and times each week; this is something I have only recently started participating in, but it has been a great way to boost my fitness routine to the next level. These classes include spinning, yoga, cardio circuits, as well as strength training. It’s a great way to remain motivated since you’re working out in a group setting. If you have a gym membership, it may be a good idea to explore the classes they offer so you are getting the most out of your membership fee.

It can be really hard to find (and maintain) motivation to workout, especially when your day-to-day life is busy with school and work. By incorporating fitness into my daily life (scrolling on Instagram, downloading an app on my phone) I have found success maintaining a routine that works for my lifestyle and suits my goals. These three suggestions are among many options you can use to find fitness inspiration; there are abundant resources available if you take the time to look!

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