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With all the extra time spent at home, I started doing yoga classes on YouTube. There are so many yogis on YouTube, each with their own style. When I first started, the only yogi I knew of was Yoga with Adriene, and I suspect that you have a similar experience. So, after a few months of yoga here’s my favorite YouTube yogis. 

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Yoga with Kassandra

Kassandra is my go-to when I don’t have anything specific in mind. She has a video for everything and posts new videos regularly, so there are new classes all the time. I feel like Kassandra offers a good balance of everything that a yoga class should be. Her classes have some spiritual and breathwork elements, but not so much that is feels forced or overbearing. You can really feel her passion for yoga when watching her videos. 


Celest Pereira Yoga

Celest gives off such good vibes and comes across as genuinely positive in an uplifting way during her classes. If you prefer more instruction, then her teaching style is probably right for you. I like to do one of her advanced yoga poses videos in addition to a class to get tips and tricks for specific poses. Although her personal YouTube channel doesn’t have many full yoga classes, she’s taught classes on other channels that are worth checking out. 

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Cat Meffan

Cat’s power yoga classes are where she really excels. She is encouraging while also being understanding about ability levels. I always feel like I have gotten a real workout from Cat’s videos. Many of her videos are for all levels and she offers ways to make poses easier or harder. Her flows are accessible to everyone but still push you to learn and grow no matter where you’re at.


Boho Beautiful 

Boho Beautiful might be one of the most flexible people I have ever seen. She has a very diverse offering of yoga and other wellness videos. Her voice is calming and helps keep me focused. She and her husband travel the world and film videos, so her classes are filmed in gorgeous outdoor locations. Her channel has the best cinematography out of all yoga channels I have seen. 

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Yoga with Candace

Candace is innovative and does some moves that I have not had seen in other classes. She has lots of videos in different amounts of time, area of focus, and difficulty level. Her classes feel like doing yoga with a friend— cozy and informal. She does tend to give instruction while moving through poses (as opposed to before) so it can be a little hard to follow. 

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The most important thing is to find what works for you. There are so many different types of yoga, within each type there’s variation, AND each instructor has their own style, so there will be a great fit for you, you just have to find it.

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