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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Typically we all hate traffic; however, it is a different story when it comes to blogging. Especially when you are starting from scratch, initially gathering a following can be tricky. Although hard at times, having a slow start is completely normal and nothing to get discouraged about. By following your passion, you can drive yourself to success.


Find Your Passion

Whether it be a form of art or a cause you have a deep connection to, writing works best when you enjoy what you are writing about. When I began my blog, I thought I needed a topic that was going to get clicks. I tried satire, political opinion pieces, how-to blogs, and music critiques, but nothing I was writing was impressing myself. Once I began writing on topics I took pride in, I was better drawn to my own writing. Your readers will be too! People are drawn to passion, so finding yours is important.


Use Tags

Growing up on social media, tags were seen as a cheap way of getting likes— and it is! What I have always been told is “uncool” has been a huge tool in getting my blog going. Using tags that are related to the topic is helpful, but having generic tags can be even more useful. I keep a running list of tags in my computer notes I use in each post. Some tags are related to the topic, while others are not. By grouping a post into categories it doesn’t necessarily fit within, your outreach will increase. People can’t remember every community they fit within and your post could draw them.


Self Promotion

Don’t be ashamed of your work! One key to a successful blog is sharing your work whenever opportunity allows. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all provide a great way to share your work. Especially when you already have a following on a pre-existing platform, recruiting people to read your blog is easy. 


Just like sharing any other artform, it can be challenging to find enough confidence to share your writing. When your writing comes from your heart, readers can tell! Taking that initial step is the hardest part. Over the course of your blog’s existence highs and lows will occur, but steady growth is a good goal. Keeping your blog up-to-date is crucial in continuing to bring new people in. You never know the overlap your life could share with someone, so take the chance and share your story.

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