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Five Healthy Ways to Deal With Grief

Whether you have lost someone close to you or you have a unique situation that causes you grief, I know that we as humans need to let out our emotions to maintain a healthy body and mind. The problem with this is that we need to learn tips and tricks on how to do it the healthiest way we can. My relationship with grief has helped me realized some of the best ways to let out my emotions safely and healthily.


1.) Car Ride

When I feel like I am overwhelmed and need to cry it out, I take a drive. Being in the car is calming and also provides a safe environment to let out all the built up emotion inside of you.Try to drive on back roads or in unpopulated areas.


   2.) Jam Out

Sing your worries away! Nothing makes me feel better than finding a song that relates to what I am going through. This is a great way to let your emotions out, and it lets you relate to someone else.


   3.) Treat Yo Self

Now and then when you’re having a bad day, treat yourself! My personal favorites are getting a massage, a nice dinner, bubble bath, or a mani-pedi. Trust me; this helps way more than you would think.


   4.) Talk to Someone

Venting is probably the universal tip of this list. Everyone feels better after talking it out to someone. In severe cases, see a therapist. There is no shame in talking to a professional. Hell, I have gone to a therapist myself, and it honestly helped so much. Just having someone there that has no affiliation with your problems is refreshing. I highly recommend this tip to anyone who has dealt with trauma/grief.


   5.) Take in the outdoors

Studies show that just by being on outside improves our mood. THIS IS TRUE! I try and spend a good amount of my time outdoors because it reminds me that the world is what we make it. Plus it’s beautiful. So next time you’re down, sit outside and just take it all in. It will instantly brighten up your day.


Hopefully, you can use some of my advice, and it helps you even just a little bit. I use all of these tips, and it has honestly changed my life. Let me know in the comments if any of these suggestions worked for you!


Until then,



Leah Germain


Leah Germain is a sophomore mass communications major at the University of South Florida St. Peterburg. She has passions of acting, singing, modeling, makeup/ skincare, and fashion. She aspires to one day be a media broadcaster and hopefully be the next Katie Couric but until then she can be found in her spare time at Starbucks, singing in the car, or getting her nails done. Leah Germain lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida.
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