The Best Ways to Stay In-Shape When You Have No Time

If you're anything like me, fitness and health are extremely important to you, but you often struggle to find time to fit in a workout. Between classes, clubs, and work it can be hard to make time to go to the gym as well. However, I typically find that when I exercise and stay healthy, I perform better in all aspects of my life. Being in good physical shape not only helps me to feel confident but really helps to improve my mental health as well. For these reasons I always try my best to fit in some sort of exercise even on my busiest weeks.

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

One of the simplest ways I try to stay in shape is simply by thinking through my daily actions. I consciously make choices every day that will benefit my health. Small actions may not transform you, but they can give you the extra push to get to where you want to be. Something as simple as choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator can give you a little bit of an extra boost and even get your heart rate up. Walking to class instead of taking the shuttle can also help you to create healthy habits in your daily life. The little things will add up to make a difference.

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Another really important part of any fitness routine is consistency and forming habits. Only exercising every once in a while or only when you have free time will not make a change. To feel your best in your body it is important to regularly workout and to get your body moving. Again, it doesn't have to be anything crazy but a routine will have a big impact on your fitness.

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Finally, as with most parts of life, make sure the way in which you are exercising is by doing something that you enjoy. Lifting, Zumba, running, kickboxing, spin class, yoga, dance, and sports are just a few of the many ways in which you can prioritize your fitness. If you aren't enjoying taking care of yourself, you won't want to stick with it. Changing your habits to something that you enjoy may take some trial and error but will ultimately be worth it in the end.